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How to make pre-moves204 May '16 13:33rjbuffchixSebastian Yap
Email Move Notifications2304 May '16 13:32capbriggsSebastian Yap
message player113 Apr '16 02:43Kirk HoweKirk Howe
Ads cover my games308 Apr '16 12:35BluRookmwmiller
reporting user for vulgarities???407 Apr '16 16:27BlackBishopsRuss
App Authentication Fail229 Mar '16 21:49BrownSauceFlyingWolf
forgot my email address528 Mar '16 19:46rookorbycrookrookorbycrook
On vacation?626 Mar '16 23:29Ian47Kewpie
Android App Login326 Mar '16 16:26TheGoofsterTheGoofster
I am unable to change my bio221 Mar '16 18:57my2sonsmwmiller
Sign up page220 Mar '16 17:03Gene777Ponderable
A friend would like to register219 Mar '16 22:05Geno100mwmiller
ENTER Key Quit Working218 Mar '16 16:16KingOnPointRuss
Renewal Problems217 Mar '16 01:06TimzsnKewpie
Reporting abuse409 Mar '16 16:5464squaresofpain64squaresofpain
Cant book vacation308 Mar '16 07:50Thorn ExilleKewpie
Staying "logged in"507 Mar '16 08:18Monadalia bipunctata
Site speed807 Mar '16 04:51KewpieKewpie
Double messages, double posts.1304 Mar '16 19:22chaney3HandyAndy
New member?204 Mar '16 12:39Jools06mwmiller
not getting new move emails...tried "old questi...222 Feb '16 19:26jetjockmwmiller
Move time out-3 days?315 Feb '16 18:49Ian47Ian47
Issues adding to buddy list209 Feb '16 07:22lovebonovoxKewpie
I Can't Move!608 Feb '16 18:24OlympicphilRuss
Conditional moves207 Feb '16 03:10Ian47Kewpie
Start a PGN from a particular move804 Feb '16 10:52HikaruShindoSebastian Yap
Double messages, double posts.102 Feb '16 18:27chaney3chaney3
Void a game if suspicious302 Feb '16 14:37BoardReadermwmiller
dozen830 Jan '16 13:20ray georgevenda