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Stay logged in408 Dec '16 20:20JoJoRedJoJoRed
Change mailadress308 Dec '16 14:14TopTopRuss
i want an uciin304 Dec '16 02:34apathistapathist
Vacation days203 Dec '16 22:31dgja04nbmwmiller
Change board and pieces230 Nov '16 16:10cowboynoelmwmiller
Bug report228 Nov '16 23:35MuxagataKewpie
Archive all games at once?!328 Nov '16 12:50vanderveldevandervelde
change username?428 Nov '16 12:01dalbaebKewpie
Sound very low426 Nov '16 13:44SirLurchvenda
What is a skull?324 Nov '16 23:01Kingz94Kingz94
"Desktop Mode" on iPhone?224 Nov '16 16:42FastEddieBBaronVonChickenpants
emojis422 Nov '16 19:57AshiitakaAshiitaka
when I click on archive on my finished games, t...220 Nov '16 23:20guitarbillKewpie
Flip Board316 Nov '16 14:04Tony39Tony39
Vacation311 Nov '16 13:47dgja04nbvenda
Search feature (help forum search)211 Nov '16 02:32dgja04nbKewpie
Time out / skull310 Nov '16 18:45dsdkykdsdkyk
bug310 Nov '16 10:58vanderveldevandervelde
Reminders305 Nov '16 19:23dsdkykdsdkyk
Vacations203 Nov '16 17:16pakehaC J Horse
Removed from ladder402 Nov '16 04:25GBubblescoquette
Illegal move allowed!231 Oct '16 06:44OnurkOnurk
I can't subscribe until I know how to unsubscri...330 Oct '16 16:30Jomo FisherSteve45
Playing for two clans630 Oct '16 16:07Steve45Steve45
Playing for 2 or more clans at the same time229 Oct '16 12:34vanderveldeSteve45
Setting up the board - "Invalid board set!"129 Oct '16 11:27vanderveldevandervelde
blitz games226 Oct '16 09:24kquinn909Ponderable
illegal moves624 Oct '16 01:13Mr Sootycoquette
Blanket messages217 Oct '16 22:28FlyingWolfKewpie