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About medullah

My real name is Pete (hi).

I try to move a couple of times a day, subject to work etc.

I'm pretty relaxed about timeouts and will give at least one warning, unless I'm playing more than 20 games in which case I'll probably skull you unless we have a previous agreement. My handle is derived from when I was studying for human anatomy exams; the week that I joined I was studying the brain.

I care about our world and the people in it. Something is definitely wrong. After two world wars one would have hoped that we would have managed to work out how to exist with each other side by side as brother and sisters; all we seem to have learned is how to kill each other more efficiently.

To become properly acquainted with a truth, we must first have disbelieved it, and disputed against it – Novalis

“Man has dominated man to his injury.” Ecclesiastes 8:9

If you have enjoyed playing against me and it wasn't too one sided I'm always happy to increase my buddy list and play regularly.

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5696 games


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