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  1. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    23 May '17 13:13
    Originally posted by FreakyKBH
    False flag?
    Staged event?
    Real tragedy?

    You have the compassion of a cobra.

    SO FAR 22 people DIED you assswipe.
  2. Subscriber divegeester
    28 May '17 16:49 / 1 edit
    A couple of weeks ago I called you out as being a fake Christian. During the discourse I was already sensing that I may be wrong and I commented that I may want to make a U-turn on that, and now I do.

    I disagree with you on a fundamental level. I think you are sincere and passionate about what you believe, but also wrong. However I was wrong to call you a fake Christian. I jumped to an assumption that because (in my opinion) you are so far off-base with your beliefs, and I think that what you believed is in reality unworkable, that you were an ex-Christian and just systematically trolling.

    I apologise, I believe I was wrong to say that.
  3. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    23 May '17 16:17
    Originally posted by vivify
    That's an actual flat-earth belief? Wow.
    I don't get it either but that is some of the poppycock they have come up with. I posted video's showing Earthshine on the moon during one of its phases but that is ignored also.

    The amount of utter BS is staggering from those dudes.

    Let's see. First off, humans have such an incredibly special significants to the gods that we get our own universe with Earth as the absolute center.

    So the entire universe spins around Earth.

    So, knowing a smidgen of physics the Earth CANNOT EVER be spinning, too easy to show that one.

    So a non-spinning Earth in spite of experiments done 400 years ago, like Foucault's Pendulum, all fake or whatever.

    Since they can't have a picture of the whole of Antarctica, that causes them to say NASA ALWAYS LIES. No moonlandings, no such thing as satellites.

    GPS is run by ground stations, I pointed out they work just fine in the middle of the Pacific ocean but that goes over their heads.

    I pointed out that TV sat dishes HAVE to be pointing UP so what are they pointing to?Balloons high in the sky? Even though the dishes are permenantly mounted and seldom need readjusting.

    So you can't see beyond 30 or 40 miles due to 'density'.
    I presume density of atmosphere. But I showed views from mountains as low as 1 mile high and see objects clearly for a hundred miles or more.

    The sun and moon are only a few thousand miles above the Earth. The moon is self illuminating having nothing to do with the sun which is about 50 miles in diameter and the moon about 30.

    I pointed out that if the moon was only a couple thou out people on one side of this flat Earth would see one side of the moon but people 10,000 miles away would see the BACKSIDE. Also ignored.

    The BS just gets deeper and deeper. and Freak won't even BEGIN to answer those refutaions being obsessed with why he can see buildings across the water where he lives in Michigan.

    He just goes, answer MY question and then I will answer yours;
    So I answer to the best of my ability but he moves the goalpost and just takes that as a non-response. So it just goes into a big loop from that point on.
  4. Standard member shavixmir
    Guppy poo
    25 May '17 03:45
    Originally posted by sonhouse
    How does a lunar eclipse (where Earth's shadow blocks sunlight hitting the moon) ever happen if the sun and moon are what, a few thousand kilometers above Earth? How can Earth EVER stop light from reaching the sun if both sun and moon are that close to Earth?

    Do flat earthers then just dismiss the photo's of those eclipses as being somehow faked, part o ...[text shortened]... cy to hide the flat earth truth from the poor unsuspecting slobs of ordinary human civilization?
    He explained this already.
    Something about forgetting his medication.
  5. Standard member shavixmir
    Guppy poo
    26 May '17 20:08
    Originally posted by FreakyKBH
    I'm the moron?

    The tweet I linked now has a time of 8:30 PM, whereas when I first saw it, the time read 5:30 PM.
    Otherwise, no change.
    Date: May 22.
    [b]Nice try, chief!

    As a consolation prize, take a look at GMP's earlier tweet regarding the emergency services crews gathering at the arena... about two hours before this tweet... before the conce ...[text shortened]... u going to explain TWO tweets from an authority regarding a thing that hadn't happened yet? [/i][/b]
    The FFing time stamp on the bloody tweet you linked to.

    You god damned FFing moron.
    It says the 23rd.

    Jesus. You're so thick soup has disowned you.
  6. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    23 May '17 16:05
    Originally posted by FreakyKBH
    The questions are: what is happening and how is it happening?
    No question for normal people. If you think the sun is actually inside the atmosphere you are truly and fully deluded, delusional is too weak a word for that.
  7. Subscriber divegeester
    23 May '17 19:53
    Originally posted by FreakyKBH
    False flag?
    Staged event?
    Real tragedy?

    You are possibly the biggest wa*ker I've ever met.
  8. Standard member shavixmir
    Guppy poo
    24 May '17 06:21
    Originally posted by FreakyKBH
    If there was a victim, it is called a false flag, while a victim-less/actor-driven spectacle is called a staged event.
    I'll go with staged event until there is [b]sufficient proof
    beyond the typical appearance of proof which they usually offer.[/b]
    What could you ever consider sufficient proof?

    Buy a plane ticket, fly to Manchester (the musea are free and there's a great Waterhouse on display there), pop by the hospital and see for yourself.

    If you did, would that prove it to you?
    Or would you still consider it a staged event (goals unclear)?

    See? Your paranoid blogs and disinformation have blotted your senses.

    I told you on the London attack that I had a friend who witnessed it first hand.
    Your response was: she was fooled.

    Nothing can ever convince you. All proof that doesn't fit the dillusions of your mind must be wrong, fixed or staged.

    I've told you before: get some help.
  9. Standard member wolfgang59
    24 May '17 22:56
    Originally posted by whodey
    That's nothing.

    The press in the states run out an publish any confidential government information leaked in government so long as it hurts Donald Trump.

    They are a great bunch, aren't they?

    What can you say, the press core are vermin
    The Press are in the business of disseminating information to the masses.

    The Intelligence services are not.

    It is US Intelligence that British authorities are justifiably p...'ed off with
  10. Standard member Ghost of a Duke
    Revenge is a dish
    26 May '17 07:17
    Originally posted by Suzianne
    And are you seriously saying that I do? If you can make that assumption with a straight face then you don't know me nor what drives me. Unusual, I'd say, since I make no secret what drives me. For you to miss it shows your 'allegiance' to the most egregiously dishonest posters on this site. Despite what they constantly incorrectly promote as my motives, ...[text shortened]... cannot be forced to care. But I understand if weak-willed individuals fall for their narrative.
    I've seen you thumb down systematically every post in a given thread made by a poster you don't like, including posts that barely contain any content.

    Any weakness lies with you in not being able to admit this.
  11. Subscriber Suzianne
    Misfit Queen
    26 May '17 09:02 / 3 edits
    Originally posted by vivify
    There are many topics covered on this forum regarding terrorism, corruption in (usually American) government, and occasionally, hate crimes, such as the one started by Phranny.

    Can anyone think of any action that I can actually take? I mean, something more than simply typing on a website. Is there any organization I (or any of us here) can join to acti ...[text shortened]... , at least for the first page of this thread. I'm seriously asking for any advice.

    Since you fly the American flag on your user page, I'm going to assume you are American.

    Contact the United Way for your community. If your community is too small, contact the regional United Way office. The United Way receives funds from the Combined Federal Campaign. According to its website, the mission of the CFC "is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing all federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all". It is a workplace giving program made available for payroll deduction donations by all Federal government employees. This is how I was initially made aware of the work the United Way does.

    The United Way of America is a coalition of over 1200 local offices who are further involved in the local communities and they have a solid record of making a measurable difference in most communities where they are active. Since they work with a huge number of smaller non-profit giving organizations, you could either work directly with them in benefiting your community or access their directories of local organizations if you'd rather focus your support. But the local United Way office is a great place to start and they could point you in the right direction of finding a local organization you could contact based on your giving preferences and you could start making a difference right away.

    God bless you for wanting to help and I appreciate the fact that your ego is not so big that it stops you from asking for advice in this. The end result makes it worth it. "Bon adventure!"
  12. 26 May '17 19:32
    Originally posted by FreakyKBH
    I'm the moron?
  13. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    26 May '17 20:19
    Originally posted by FreakyKBH
    I promise I'll get back to this, but much bigger fish are frying on the Manchester Dud thread.
    Only in your sick mind.
  14. 27 May '17 05:15
    Originally posted by FreakyKBH
    Ironic, isn't it?
    As sticklers for detail, any one of us could rip apart a movie on its technical gaps and/or continuity gaffes, but if it's on the news, we swallow it whole.
    Speak for yourself. You are the only one here that swallows whole anything he sees on YouTube. Your real problem is you expect everyone else to swallow whole your nonsense rather than present actual facts to support it.
    Find genuine gaps and/or continuity gaffes in the news and people will listen.
    Confuse yourself with timezones and people will just laugh at you.
  15. Standard member wolfgang59
    27 May '17 08:32
    Originally posted by dj2becker
    It's actually quite cute that you and your son or dad (or whatever he is to you) have each others back on the forums.
    FMF and divegeester are my identical triplet siblings.
    Separated at birth we only discovered each other on this forum.

    Now that is out of the way - do you have anything interesting to say?