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  1. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    16 Feb '17 12:29
    Originally posted by divegeester
    I don't get the whole "thread closing" thing in the public forums. It's a bit of a private forum tactic which just doesn't work in the public forum. I mean why was the "Brexit" thread closed anyway...
    Just a way of saying "That is enough of that, thank you, lets move on".
    Exchanges of insults can be continued in the PM system, if that is what you want to do.
  2. 17 Feb '17 20:17
    Waiting for Suzi to jump in and say she just donated a kidney to a stranger
  3. Standard member wolfgang59
    19 Feb '17 19:46
    Originally posted by Seitse
    Have you ever lived in Sweden?
    but I spent 3 hours lost in IKEA once and had a friend whose dad owned a Volvo.
  4. Subscriber shortcircuit
    The Energizer
    16 Feb '17 13:24
    Originally posted by VESPIN
    see, now your getting it. i could care less. when in one of my post graduate classes, then i care.

    why would i care in here with any of you? LOL LOL please.....give me a break.
    The correct phrasing is "I couldn't care less".
    You have taken no post graduate least not in English.
  5. Subscriber radioactive69
    Fun, fun fun!!
    13 Feb '17 03:31
    Originally posted by VESPIN
    lol lol I finally got you. You ran last time. And now if anyone reads our posts they will laugh at you. Meeting in front of a store with people and police, I posted a picture of what happens when I try to message you. It showed you blocking me.

    I have never met anyone like you. I understand your afraid. It's okay. But maybe you will learn not to run your ...[text shortened]... Some of us are strong, and some are not.

    Guess which one you are? LOL Best of luck to you.
    Look........if you're too scared to turn up then just admit it. We can brand you a coward and leave it at that. You've been given a time and place but all I'm hearing is excuses and pathetic whimpering.

    I've been waiting patiently for your pm but your lies and excuses are now wearing thin. Send it now or I'll crush it out of you.

    Like all bullies once you've been stood up to you run and hide under mummies bed. Grow a pair wimp.

    Now run along back to the sports forum where you are unanimously ignored and you can write your drivel without interrupting important business. Goodbye !!
  6. 18 Feb '17 12:08
    Originally posted by Mctayto
    What a pratt
    There is no collusion and never has been
    Clans challenge each other, some they win and some they lose
    Your suggestion slanders the innocent.

    If on the otherhand he was to send out a message to all clan leaders suggesting that they refuse challenges from Metallica as the entire clan is a bunc h of sandbaggers then you would get my vote
    The King of the Liars has spoken!
  7. Subscriber roma45
    st johnstone
    18 Feb '17 23:12
    Originally posted by robbie carrobie
    We are a top clan, we attract top players. What is difficult to understand about that?
    tth only time i have seen a player
    join the site
    buy a sub
    join a clan

    all in the SAME DAY

    @illluck and @kathmandu1 remember what happened to them
  8. Standard member wolfgang59
    13 Feb '17 00:31
    Originally posted by Ghost of a Duke
    Power overwhelmed Wolfgang, encouraging reinkarnation.
    Recent events in North Korea are relatively nothing. Announced Trump: "Its over Nordstrom!"
  9. Subscriber roma45
    st johnstone
    13 Feb '17 00:34
    Originally posted by lemondrop
    yop is where they belong

    damn phone i meant TOP

    a sight to break every sisters heart
  10. Subscriber Very Rusty
    Treat Everyone Equal
    13 Feb '17 17:16
    Originally posted by VESPIN
    Thank you MacT. I have tried so many times now. I even copied and pasted the "ignore list" he has me on.

    I realized after all his talk for the second time it was just that. All talk. All coward. It's like they all share the same brain. No more wasting my time with him or any of them.

    Absolute scum he is.
    Little v.

    You are not smart enough to stop while your behind!....LOL...

  11. 13 Feb '17 18:01
    Originally posted by Very Rusty
    Little v.

    You are not smart enough to stop while your behind!....LOL...

    Vespin is a very angry mutt !!
    He is chasing parked cars now !!
  12. Standard member no1marauder
    13 Feb '17 18:35
    Originally posted by whodey
    You mistake his appearance as "immature". What he is really doing is playing to the stupid voter.
    Seems to be working in your case.
  13. 13 Feb '17 18:39
    Originally posted by robbie carrobie
    Busted for reducing your rating in December Crusty, my goodness have you no shame?
    Cluck cluck !!
    Sounding like a hen again !!
  14. Subscriber roma45
    st johnstone
    13 Feb '17 20:50
    Originally posted by robbie carrobie
    You are on my leg and I would be pleased if you removed yourself lest I shall pry you off like a limpet form a rock
    You are thinking of mctayto and it's not your neck he's stuck on
  15. 14 Feb '17 15:28
    Originally posted by Suzianne
    The 2018 mid-terms are gonna be a bloodbath at this rate.
    Whoa now, there you go again overestimating American voters. That's why Trump won.