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  1. Subscriber kmax87
    border god
    27 Mar '17 03:05
    Originally posted by AverageJoe1
    How can everyone be equal when, simply put, some people work harder and/or longer than others. Just that one fact makes that dream of liberals impossible to achieve. Yet they somehow think it makes sense. Help me Rhonda.
    Liberals are not saying people should be equal. This is a straw man assertion. What Liberals are saying is that everyone should be given an equal opportunity, that they should not face unfair obstacles in the quest for education, knowledge, employment and social improvement.
  2. Subscriber huckleberryhound On Vacation
    Devout Agnostic.
    25 Mar '17 01:20
    Originally posted by divegeester
    Someone** must have complained about his dreadful thread.

    Yes, there are so many of his threads that are dreadful, so even if it were a numbers game, he is gonna lose.

    **It wasn't me. I wanted it left up so everyone could see what an assshole he is
    I know i did, and i said "this (insert expletive) needs perma banned.

    The London thread was a step too far for me.
  3. Subscriber huckleberryhound On Vacation
    Devout Agnostic.
    26 Mar '17 10:47
    Originally posted by wolfgang59

    He was all of these.

    But why ban?

    Unless inciting hatred, or trolling an individual ... why ban?
    Idiots are allowed opinions!

    There will always be "the Most Shocking" on any forum.
    Removing one just leaves the position vacant.

    Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequence.
  4. Subscriber kmax87
    border god
    27 Mar '17 02:15
    Originally posted by Wajoma
    You 'add a little' to a thread about welfare dependency by moaning about the environment?
    True. Say after me 100 times.

    The poor have no right to social welfare in the states. That right belongs to the corporations who have paid good money by lobbying for it.
  5. 25 Mar '17 00:11
    In economics this is called the free rider problem. There is also the corresponding forced rider problem.

    This topic comes up now and then on this forum, often mentioned in an argument against the welfare state. Usually the free rider is an indigent on public support. Funny how rarely is it the fat cat who influences legislation that allows his business to avoid the responsibility for, say, the costs of environmental damage.
  6. Subscriber venda
    25 Mar '17 18:19 / 1 edit
    A simple breakdown of the issues as I see it:-
    1.Metallica consistently finish top of the net points clan list by throwing games in a challenge when the result has already been decided.
    2.Easy riders adopt a policy of colluding with dummy clans to displace Melltalia from the top of the net points clan list .
    Do you see the problem here which is causing all the problems for Russ and the site in general?
    In case you cant it's the b******[ net points clann list.
    Ignore the damn thing!!
    Clan Leaders - check your challenges for evidence of sandbagging and reject accordingly.I was a leader for 5 years and it's not difficult.
    Play the games for relaxation and fun
    By all means be competetive but above all
    Take no noitice of the innacurately calculated net points b***** clan list
    It's trivial.
  7. Standard member wolfgang59
    26 Mar '17 11:27
    Originally posted by sonhouse
    You do know he has been banned before, right? So he has not learned discipline of mind. Doesn't look to me like he ever will. He will continue on his path.
    So what?

    Whatever vile filth he spouts ... how does it affect you?
  8. 27 Mar '17 16:47
    Originally posted by whodey
    Nope, only Christian white males are to blame.

    Everyone else is blameless.

    This kinda prompted my thread on rejoicing in the Lord even in the midst of doom. Paul was able to do it even though in jail and sentenced to die. This is what Christians need to do when confronted with everything being taken from them, whether it be the at the hands of governm ...[text shortened]... ns made from human hands?

    Can we find freedom in God even though a captive of our fellow man?
    Correction. Its not the media's fault. You are just stark raving bonkers.
  9. Standard member vivify
    28 Mar '17 04:36

    Alex Jones, a prominent conspiracy theorist and the host of a popular right-wing radio show, has apologized for helping to spread and promote the hoax known as Pizzagate.

    The admission on Friday by Mr. Jones, the host of “The Alex Jones Show” and the operator of the website Infowars, was striking. In addition to promoting the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, he has contended that the Sept. 11 attacks were inside jobs carried out by the United States government and that the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., was a hoax concocted by those hostile to the Second Amendment.

    The Pizzagate theory, which posited with no evidence that top Democratic officials were involved with a satanic child pornography ring centered around Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C., grew in online forums before making its way to more visible venues, including Mr. Jones’s show. And its prominence after the election drew attention to the proliferation of false and misleading news, much of it politically charged, that circulated on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    Mr. Jones made the apology to the owner of Comet Ping Pong, James Alefantis, on video, reading from a carefully worded statement that emphasized how widely the theory had spread before he weighed in on it. He said that Infowars had “disassociated” itself from the story in December and had taken down the majority of broadcasts and videos that mentioned it. Mr. Jones also said that two reporters the show had worked with “are no longer with us,” although he did not identify them or discuss the exact nature of their work with Infowars.

    “To my knowledge today, neither Mr. Alefantis, nor his restaurant Comet Ping Pong, were involved in any human trafficking, as was part of the theories about Pizzagate that were being written about in many media outlets and which we commented upon,” Mr. Jones said. “We apologize to the extent our commentaries could be construed as negative statements about Mr. Alefantis or Comet Ping Pong, and we hope that anyone else involved in commenting on Pizzagate will do the same thing.”
  10. Subscriber shavixmir
    Guppy poo
    28 Mar '17 11:33
    Originally posted by FreakyKBH
    If I didn't know any better, I would venture a guess that Mr.Jones is very afraid.
    Oh dear Freaky... one conspiracy down, 500.347.384 to go.
  11. 29 Mar '17 19:29
    Originally posted by FreakyKBH
    Their opinion would be relevant if it was supported by a reality-based reason or logic.
    But it isn't.
    Instead, their "reasoning" relies on the veracity of MSM's reporting--- nothing more, nothing less.
    If MSM can be relied upon, their opinion has merit; whether or not a person should mock another is a separate question altogether.
    If, however, MSM ca ...[text shortened]... abused.
    It certainly wouldn't hurt to investigate the unusual behavior in order to make sure.
    I think it's healthy to have some skepticism with respect to the reporting of media outlets.

    Perhaps you should extend that skepticism to the baseless claims of trailer-dwelling neckbeards.
  12. Subscriber Suzianne
    Misfit Queen
    23 Mar '17 04:18
    Originally posted by RBHILL
    I want to see a billboard with Trump's face on it.
    the saying could say you're welcome – God
    We have one here in Phoenix, but it would probably make a Trump worshiper like you wet his pants. I'm laughing at all the conservatives here who are all apoplectic over it. You can probably find a picture of it on the web.
  13. Subscriber finnegan
    23 Mar '17 18:30 / 1 edit

    So now the Republicans are legislating to permit foul hunting practices in the wildlife parks created for the protection of America's distinctive wildlife. Crass and depressing. The inability to appreciate your own natural history makes you as barbarian as ISIS.

    This legislation blocks the administration from ever issuing a similar rule on this topic, leaving the authority to prohibit these egregious trophy hunting methods solely in the hands of Congress.
  14. Standard member no1marauder
    24 Mar '17 00:26
    Originally posted by Eladar
    I guess you are too stupid to see that replacing it with another Obamacare does nothing. You are an establishment stooge.
    I don't think you have any understanding of what the ACA does and what the AHCA would do.

    You calling anybody else "stupid" is amusing.
  15. Standard member DeepThought
    Losing the Thread
    24 Mar '17 01:45
    Originally posted by vivify
    The main complaint from conservatives was corruption; you guys didn't harp on "death" much did to having Bush and Iraq thrown back in your face.

    So after all this corruption talk, you guys are gonna stay silent on Trump? You have no problem with such blatant nepotism?
    I wouldn't bother responding to his posts. He just spouts all this patriot movement bunk and cares nothing about evidence or common sense.