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First US female athlete to observe hijab at the...4727 Aug '16 00:17Zahlanzivivify
"Ryan Lochte: An Olympic Tale of Gold Medals an...5927 Aug '16 00:15Duchess64no1marauder
Burkini ban overturned by French court2527 Aug '16 00:09sh76no1marauder
The burkini12126 Aug '16 22:32shavixmirwhodey
Time to ban the Duchess?16026 Aug '16 21:03kmax87lemon lime
Intersex Athletes in Women's Competitions8726 Aug '16 19:48Duchess64Duchess64
Cocks not Glocks626 Aug '16 19:08Zahlanzishavixmir
The Niceinator5226 Aug '16 17:38no1maraudervivify
Do you find?1326 Aug '16 13:44KellyJayFreakyKBH
hillary is all for women14725 Aug '16 23:58kquinn909Duchess64
The new Trump1925 Aug '16 11:05Zahlanzirobbie carrobie
Milo vs. Muhammed125 Aug '16 06:38kquinn909kquinn909
Race doesn't Exist15425 Aug '16 01:30no1marauderlemon lime
Is Trump's Wife a Mail Order Bride?1024 Aug '16 21:44lawrencemcdonaldDuchess64
The Olympics10824 Aug '16 01:02whodeyDeepThought
Does money buy you elections?1623 Aug '16 16:07whodeyvivify
Neoliberalism: what it is and why it fails.4923 Aug '16 14:53finnegansh76
Hillary threatens conservative media2723 Aug '16 13:45whodeywhodey
The death of neoliberalism722 Aug '16 15:53robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Anybody here guilty of this?222 Aug '16 12:25kquinn909Zahlanzi
Obama paid ransom for Iranian prisoners6020 Aug '16 19:20whodeyno1marauder
Next VP Kaine says whites should be minority620 Aug '16 19:18whodeysonhouse
Sexual consent explained2020 Aug '16 13:11Zahlanzivivify
WikiLeaks says HIllary sold arms to ISIS1220 Aug '16 04:14whodeyjoe beyser
Campaign.exe has stopped working619 Aug '16 21:00ZahlanziFreakyKBH
The GOP and the economy1119 Aug '16 17:05mchillwhodey
Dan Turner's letter, fixed819 Aug '16 10:10Zahlanzisonhouse
Hacking votes?118 Aug '16 23:10whodeywhodey
The Clinton Foundation2918 Aug '16 23:00whodeywhodey
Challenge offer for Whodey718 Aug '16 22:50sh76whodey