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Debates Forum

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10 worst human rights offenders1024 Oct '16 18:07vivifywhodey
Wiki Leaks says there is no election7924 Oct '16 17:37whodeywhodey
More lawlessness in government424 Oct '16 15:35whodeywhodey
Womans hijab pulled down on UK street7624 Oct '16 14:39phil3000KazetNagorra
Why is Jeremy Corbyn so uninspiring?1724 Oct '16 14:28AshiitakaKazetNagorra
It's over Republicans724 Oct '16 12:16mchillwhodey
Xenophobia1924 Oct '16 11:12finneganfinnegan
Women face discrimination in China2124 Oct '16 10:52vivifysonhouse
Abortion in Poland3823 Oct '16 23:53Duchess64FreakyKBH
Porn star accuses Trump of assault1723 Oct '16 22:31whodeyJS357
Hillary leaks top secret information in debate2823 Oct '16 20:29whodeyFreakyKBH
Israeli apartheid explained10123 Oct '16 00:08finneganAshiitaka
"An Open Letter to the Woman Who Told My Family...1222 Oct '16 22:39Duchess64Duchess64
3000 Sexual assault victims are asking GOP to s...8722 Oct '16 22:25ZahlanziDuchess64
Hillary wants a no fly zone in Syria1322 Oct '16 12:48whodeywhodey
"US Ranks Lower than Kazahkstan and Algeria in ...1821 Oct '16 22:57Duchess64Duchess64
Teenage Neo-Nazi Facebook Group Leader Commits ...2321 Oct '16 22:31Duchess64Duchess64
Vote for Hillary and get a @@job3421 Oct '16 10:05whodeytwhitehead
Women will elect Hillary13721 Oct '16 04:55SuzianneFreakyKBH
The Russkies2420 Oct '16 22:08robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Donald Trump Jr.220 Oct '16 20:18mchillwhodey
How to fix presidential debates120 Oct '16 13:59ZahlanziZahlanzi
Democrats lost their party1520 Oct '16 08:41joe beyserSuzianne
help with logic of equivalence2920 Oct '16 03:45robbie carrobielemon lime
More right wing lies!1020 Oct '16 03:32whodeyjoe beyser
Trump said it but Bill Clinton actually did it13619 Oct '16 21:38robbie carrobieDuchess64
Challenge offer for Whodey1219 Oct '16 16:21sh76whodey
California prop 641219 Oct '16 16:17JS357whodey
"Rape Apologists Need an Exercise in Empathy" (...155619 Oct '16 16:14Duchess64quackquack
An assessment of Obama's presidency618 Oct '16 20:43vivifytwhitehead