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3 video's830 Mar '17 22:10checkbaiterFreakyKBH
Building the wall is not the Christian thing to...9630 Mar '17 22:00whodeycheckbaiter
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Yeonmi Park: Growing up N. Korea1630 Mar '17 21:31vivifyDuchess64
Dress Code: How Different It's for Girls5030 Mar '17 21:16Duchess64Duchess64
Good news for Trump haters1830 Mar '17 20:37whodeyKazetNagorra
Arab Hospitality1230 Mar '17 20:35Duchess64Duchess64
Alex Jones apologizes for Pizzagate4030 Mar '17 17:03vivifyshavixmir
A creature from Georgia230 Mar '17 09:29ZahlanziWajoma
A happy story from Georgia130 Mar '17 09:28ZahlanziZahlanzi
Better Late than Never?530 Mar '17 05:36Duchess64Ashiitaka
Everyone should be equal?!? (Liberal premise)7030 Mar '17 05:19AverageJoe1moonbus
FBI investigating Trump8130 Mar '17 03:30Phrannycheckbaiter
"Police killing exposes anger, fear of Chinese ...930 Mar '17 01:18Duchess64Duchess64
Felony charge against whislte blowers in PP1729 Mar '17 23:29whodeyno1marauder
Fact-check this video about Israel & Palestine1329 Mar '17 22:12vivifyDuchess64
War with N. Korea5429 Mar '17 20:55vivifyDuchess64
Stupid to work6129 Mar '17 13:42checkbaitercheckbaiter
Jeremy Corbyn now as unpopular as Donald trump ...1029 Mar '17 05:43AshiitakaSleepyguy
Woman refused hijab, and denied a chess tourney18929 Mar '17 00:27whodeyDuchess64
Are Men and woman equal?1828 Mar '17 21:31checkbaitershavixmir
Why the ‘Establishment’ Media Is Finding Itself...1428 Mar '17 20:04checkbaitertwhitehead
Bernie Sanders: "Medicare for all" bill528 Mar '17 14:24vivifycheckbaiter
Federal Government owning State Lands5928 Mar '17 11:23EladarEladar
Trump and the GOP's Health Care Con228 Mar '17 08:58ZahlanziZahlanzi
Trump's Mission Accomplished3028 Mar '17 00:57kmax87kmax87
Attack at Parliment26727 Mar '17 22:30whodeyfinnegan
Trump cost taxpayers 10 Million for vactions627 Mar '17 20:06vivifyEladar
Failure of GOP leadership3627 Mar '17 00:07whodeyEladar
"Singapore teen blogger who criticised governme...2526 Mar '17 23:10Duchess64robbie carrobie