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Why are Trump supporters still complaining???721 Jan '17 10:30KunsooKazetNagorra
How Japan solved gun crime14521 Jan '17 10:09robbie carrobieshavixmir
Trump revokes HUD mortgage fee rate cut121 Jan '17 10:08SuzianneSuzianne
The mind of a Trump supporter121 Jan '17 09:57mchillmchill
HiIlary Wasn't Pardoned2521 Jan '17 09:18Eladarmchill
In less that 24 hours, the end will be here3721 Jan '17 09:13whodeykquinn909
Let me say something nice about you4121 Jan '17 07:39vivifySuzianne
CNN speculates who would take over if:1621 Jan '17 05:40whodeyDeepThought
America first921 Jan '17 05:28kmax87DeepThought
Chelsea Manning's sentence commuted13621 Jan '17 04:52KunsooKunsoo
Unimportant health care stuff for americans2621 Jan '17 04:21Zahlanzino1marauder
Farage hired by fox news1021 Jan '17 04:09Ashiitakawolfgang59
Trump's a communist?1421 Jan '17 03:03shavixmirEladar
Fascist421 Jan '17 02:08EladarEladar
Stand and Deliver621 Jan '17 01:52mchillcheckbaiter
How Lovely to be a Woman in 201610321 Jan '17 01:51SuzianneFreakyKBH
Bill: I'921 Jan '17 01:43FreakyKBHcheckbaiter
How Lovely to be Trump in 20171620 Jan '17 21:17EladarEladar
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh, My!420 Jan '17 20:50Duchess64AThousandYoung
Why I am a Progressive Christian1920 Jan '17 20:23SuzianneDuchess64
I love liberals!6820 Jan '17 15:33whodeyDeepThought
More swamp creatures2820 Jan '17 10:01ZahlanziZahlanzi
parento efficiency220 Jan '17 09:31kquinn909DeepThought
Bernie said what?1820 Jan '17 09:31whodeyZahlanzi
Spend money on your own people620 Jan '17 03:43finneganmchill
"Draining the Swamp" Part II4019 Jan '17 17:17no1marauderZahlanzi
Statistician: UN climate treaty will cost $100 ...1119 Jan '17 14:17checkbaiterFreakyKBH
Garth Brooks backs out of singing for Trump1319 Jan '17 13:24whodeycheckbaiter
Theresa May brexit speech8319 Jan '17 09:40AshiitakaAshiitaka
Here we go again1419 Jan '17 02:56mchillmchill