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Debates Forum

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Curiosity Corner3328 May '16 10:25Grampy BobbyKazetNagorra
Canada to build a wall828 May '16 09:02shavixmirphil3000
Sharing The Restroom17228 May '16 01:54Andrew Kernlemon lime
Hodor6128 May '16 00:14no1maraudernormbenign
Gang bangs in school bathrooms5628 May '16 00:00whodeyWajoma
Negative enough for a 3rd party?527 May '16 21:07bill718Soothfast
Venezuela2727 May '16 17:59whodeySleepyguy
Should SCOTUS be elected?2827 May '16 14:40whodeyrwingett
Trump Agrees to Debate Sanders427 May '16 12:46vivifywhodey
Canada allows Syrian refugees in826 May '16 00:06ZahlanziZahlanzi
Flight 804 was terrorism1825 May '16 20:26whodeytwhitehead
Scientists on climate change13525 May '16 13:40ZahlanziRBHILL
Who Rules the World? Not the USA8925 May '16 10:43finneganfinnegan
Trump takes lead in RCP average1925 May '16 06:13sh76KazetNagorra
Alexis de Tocqueville and religion7125 May '16 02:21whodeywhodey
Bernie Sanders as VP?1124 May '16 16:39vivifynormbenign
Primaries and caucuses123 May '16 10:17ZahlanziZahlanzi
Letting teens have sex at home1223 May '16 00:26vivifyZahlanzi
Pope Frances strikes again!4222 May '16 20:31whodeyno1marauder
Child labour in the US3922 May '16 02:17ZahlanziWajoma
Pedagogy of Poverty2721 May '16 21:57EladarEladar
"The Tytler Cycle Revisited"721 May '16 18:59Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Not a debate topic121 May '16 18:08bill718bill718
What's going on in France?1420 May '16 23:25sh76FishHead111
Open Immigration Ruins WESTERN Countries5120 May '16 14:19FishHead111FishHead111
Are there any more social wedge issues left?1120 May '16 09:37sh76bill718
Conservative Third Party Candidate2919 May '16 13:26no1marauderwhodey
Trump's grand illusion.4819 May '16 00:12bill718no1marauder
It's the MEDIA!!818 May '16 13:58bill718whodey
Your Favorite National Anthems9018 May '16 11:18Grampy BobbyNoEarthlyReason