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Debates Forum

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USA to give away internet control929 Sep '16 08:36kquinn909Zahlanzi
When Trump loses6329 Sep '16 08:16whodeylemon lime
I'm bored529 Sep '16 06:07vivifyDeepThought
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Predictions for the upcoming debate5229 Sep '16 00:37whodeymchill
Scandals: Clinton's vs Trump's3729 Sep '16 00:29Zahlanzimchill
Reaganomics is dead828 Sep '16 23:55SuzianneSuzianne
Who won round #1?6628 Sep '16 23:49whodeylemon lime
I don't get it328 Sep '16 23:25vivifymchill
Something is wrong828 Sep '16 15:38whodeyshavixmir
IDF secure American military aid for 10 years5228 Sep '16 09:21finneganfinnegan
People who are proud of their abortions1727 Sep '16 23:16whodeylemon lime
"Petition Calls for Gandhi Statue to be Removed...827 Sep '16 21:56Duchess64Duchess64
Fact-Checking the Prez Debate927 Sep '16 10:32JS357Zahlanzi
The prez. debate4527 Sep '16 00:41kquinn909DeepThought
Woman survives abortion4626 Sep '16 18:55whodeywhodey
Race doesn't Exist19226 Sep '16 17:22no1marauderlemon lime
Prepare to Bow Down?!4126 Sep '16 14:10vistesdwhodey
Queen of Katwe6826 Sep '16 09:26vivifyno1marauder
Duchess841926 Sep '16 00:43lemondropkmax87
"Colin Kaepernick Can Protest Racism" (article)8325 Sep '16 21:13Duchess64Duchess64
Cruz endorses Trump1125 Sep '16 05:42no1marauderno1marauder
Has Gary Johnson lost his mind?824 Sep '16 21:32whodeySuzianne
Powerful223 Sep '16 22:54RBHILLRBHILL
Number of chess moves1023 Sep '16 22:33mchillDuchess64
Orwellian Press1923 Sep '16 22:27whodeyDeepThought
If aliens existed....1023 Sep '16 19:45whodeywhodey
Trump Lies about His Birther Past3123 Sep '16 11:42ZahlanziZahlanzi
Elizabeth Warren on Wells Fargo1123 Sep '16 11:27Zahlanzisonhouse