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Debates Forum

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The Magic R2520 Feb '17 10:38kmax87kmax87
"Rape Apologists Need an Exercise in Empathy" (...157420 Feb '17 05:35Duchess64shavixmir
Trump cites a non-existent incident2320 Feb '17 05:28vivifyshavixmir
Fake News from the Pope10720 Feb '17 05:14Eladarno1marauder
"The Middle East 'peace process' was a myth. Do...3920 Feb '17 01:45Duchess64Duchess64
How much will the wall cost?1920 Feb '17 00:29whodeyZahlanzi
Support the Article V movement7420 Feb '17 00:10whodeyno1marauder
Is this what you want Republicans?519 Feb '17 14:41mchillEladar
Trump no fascist, just old.619 Feb '17 05:37kmax87kmax87
Sabateur in Chief3519 Feb '17 03:49EladarEladar
Who's dumber?5019 Feb '17 02:31vivifykmax87
When people immigrate8019 Feb '17 02:17EladarEladar
Dear Republicans2518 Feb '17 20:43mchillfinnegan
CIA Involvement In French 2012 Election3418 Feb '17 16:50robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Americans Encouraging Greater Israel as Aparthe...418 Feb '17 15:37Duchess64Metal Brain
More mentally ill Dims1718 Feb '17 13:44whodeyEladar
"Fox has the most honest morning show"2018 Feb '17 13:05wolfgang59kmax87
Canada Sets Free a Convicted Terrorist Bomber1618 Feb '17 01:45Duchess64Duchess64
Can Donald Trump's Blustering Lies Conceal his ...3818 Feb '17 01:42Duchess64FreakyKBH
Really working for the American people.817 Feb '17 23:28robbie carrobieDuchess64
President Trump's Wars on the Home Front317 Feb '17 22:03Duchess64kquinn909
Donald Trump's Lie About Voter Fraud2017 Feb '17 19:56Duchess64checkbaiter
"Girls believe brilliance is a male trait, rese...5217 Feb '17 18:57Duchess64finnegan
Trump's Mission Accomplished2017 Feb '17 05:32kmax87wolfgang59
Flynn resigns7017 Feb '17 03:48HandyAndyrobbie carrobie
A Woman's Choice18716 Feb '17 21:52Duchess64Duchess64
Question on discrimination2216 Feb '17 20:35robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
White House leak1616 Feb '17 17:00whodeyJS357
National immigrant day316 Feb '17 15:01whodeywhodey
While you were busy...516 Feb '17 14:57Zahlanzimchill