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Sweden3120 Feb '17 09:53wolfgang59Executioner Brand
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Random Acts of Kindness Day1220 Feb '17 04:35drewnogalkquinn909
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Manchester by the sea619 Feb '17 08:45SeitseAshiitaka
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Facts of life.5119 Feb '17 07:55Trev33wolfgang59
Magnetic waves on MOTT edges:5718 Feb '17 19:40sonhousesonhouse
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Unusual combinations of characteristics that yo...517 Feb '17 19:20ptoblerFreakyKBH
Day After Valentine's Day917 Feb '17 05:47divegeesterptobler
Redemption216 Feb '17 22:33Seitserookie54
Behold9116 Feb '17 22:12PonderablePonderable
Recent TV1416 Feb '17 21:55FMFPonderable
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Valentines Day5815 Feb '17 20:58drewnogalCaptain Strange
The importance of grammar1015 Feb '17 15:21wolfgang59FMF
funny quotes1115 Feb '17 12:58PonderableTorunn
Tournaments715 Feb '17 00:58BrianRaffertylemondrop