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Crazy House801 Feb '16 15:44MarinkatombMarinkatomb
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Tata Chess 2016...3631 Jan '16 03:17sundown316ptobler
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Getting my kids into chess1629 Jan '16 23:12Crowleyketchuplover
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Delete, old non started tournaments. DOUBLE POS...121 Jan '16 21:58bikingvikingbikingviking
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The Blunder of 2016 (so far)420 Jan '16 17:13greenpawn34greenpawn34
Another Blunder of the year.120 Jan '16 15:15greenpawn34greenpawn34
Elephant Gambit / fun open challenge119 Jan '16 06:52SPswindlerSPswindler
Carlsen app218 Jan '16 12:59Shallow BlueMarinkatomb
CHECKMATE in under 20 moves189718 Jan '16 02:02MCA64squaresofpain
New OTB Tourney Format217 Jan '16 16:11ketchuploverketchuplover
Best opening moves616 Jan '16 12:09Habeascorppdunne
Checkmate in Ten Moves112 Jan '16 23:49HikaruShindoHikaruShindo
Trying The New Puzzle thingy1012 Jan '16 16:51greenpawn34DeepThought
Merry Chessmas to all...312 Jan '16 16:41ketchuplovermarksen
Keres Memorial412 Jan '16 16:30greenpawn34DeepThought