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About Coffehouse

Name: Jack, AKA Coffee-House
Highest OTB rating; 1715 U.S.C.F (04/04/07)
Potential rating strength: 1863
Goal; expert
Occupational field; psychology
Preference; mod. fast games 1/3 multiple moves
Challenge setting; 1500 minimum
Available resources allowed
Time controls “strictly” enforced

Trophy Highlights:
Jr. High school 9th grade champ 1st place
High school 12th grade 3rd board 1st place
Hometown Open Scholastic Tourney 2nd place
Camp Geiger USMC Championship 1st place
Western PA Class Championships u16 4th place
Central MA Chess Club Championship 3rd place
RHP NS 2013 Dec Christmas Trial Tourney Dual I 3rd place
-\ Link:

Chess like life has:
An Opening - you are born, a new life takes shape
A Middle - you play, make mistakes, learn, and set goals
An Ending - you attain successes, manage, and lastly unite the fruits of your labor

Former USCF certified coach 2004-2007 taught a number of talented kids in Massachusetts. Also a guitarist whose played originals © & top 40 in a 1981 rock band, once opening for BOC &FogHat - Our 15 min of fame. Hope 2 join CR band someday in pursuit of Truth

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749 games

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373 games

As Black

376 games

Player Stats

All Games Played770
In Progress4
All Moves27870
Moves This Month463
Tournament Entry Rating1783

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749 games


386 games


287 games


76 games

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23 games


0 games


90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating177618461944
Average Rating168617041790
Lowest Rating159215921592
Opponent Average Rating166316751741
Games Rated53213749
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