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Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down.
And Then The Silver Cord Lies On The Ground.
And Then In The Distance We See A Light And Hear A Strange New Sound.
And Then We See The Grand Joke We Have Played Upon Ourselves.
The Answer Is Blowing In the Wind.

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Moves This Month4373
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Sps summer tournament 2015The March Madness TournamentGrand Sprint (2014 Farewell) ISps winter tournament 2014Grand Seven Fourteen IGrand Seven Fourteen IISps winter tournament 2014TOD RBHILL's Challenge: g3TOD RBHILL's Challenge: a3Quartets IMUTI relaxed duel august 2014MUTI ultimate slow octet july 2014MUTI open octet slow speedSprint Duel 64 IIGrand Seven Fourteen ILong Haul Split IMUTI ultimate slow octet june 2014MUTI octet open may 2014MUTI octet open may 2014MUTI duel may 2014Greativan 2014Long Haul Split IWC Wales Championship (4's)Banded Grand Long Haul IQuartets IImuti march 2014Grand Split Three Seven IOh Susannah Trio Pt. 6MUTI ALPHABET 1P_POLISH OUTFLANKWC Sweden Championship (4's)Long Haul Split IGrand Seven Fourteen IQuartets IVWorld Club Championship (4's)WC Poland Championship 2013Duel IGrand Split Seven Fourteen IOctet ILone Star State Championship 2013Quartets VOctet IIIOctet ILong Haul Split VQuartets IIIOctet IThe Patriots Battle Of NasebyLonghaul Octet IIILong Haul Split IILonghaul Octet ILong Haul Split ILonghaul Octet VOctet VLonghaul Octet IVWC South Africa Championship 2013The Patriots Berlin Wall TournamentThe Patriots August 2013 Club Championship.Grand Split Three Seven IGrand Long Haul IGrand Long Haul IIIQuartets IVGrand Long Haul IIOkhotksy CupQuartets VThe Patriots March 2013 Long Haul TournamentGrand Long Haul IRJF FEB CUP 2 IIGrand Long Haul IGrand Long Haul IIGrand Long Haul IIILet's fill this tournament.Grand Long Haul IIGrand Long Haul IIIGrand Long Haul IIThe Patriots Winston Churchill TournamentThe Patriots 2012 Grand Long Haul TournamentGrand Long Haul IThe Patriots Battle for Vicksburg 1863,TOD July 2012 Weekly IV (Heads up)The Wind Through The Keyhole Pt. 1 ITOD April 2012 Standard IMUTI 8-PLAYER OPEN ROUNDROBINThe Patriots Battle of Kursk TournamentGrand Long Haul IIIAtheist Cup 2012SPS Knockout TournamentGrand Long Haul IThe Patriots 2011 2nd Batlle of ConcordGrand Long Haul VIGrand Long Haul IITOD September 2011 Marathon IITOD September 2011 Marathon ILong Range Gunslingers Pt. 4 IVDive Lounge challengeVERY slow tournamentVeteran Star TournamentHigh Five #21450 and higher rated players only #1Fatal Fourway #6Random..........2Lone Star Spring tournament..THE THIRD BEST TOURNAMENTTHE SECOND BEST TOURNAMENTReggio Emilia Masters 2010Impulse Only DualsQuartets IIChristmas 2010International Chess Festival Bucharest 2010Quartets VIIOctet XXVIQuartets IIIBalkan Amateur Chess FestivalThe Lone Star Club Annual Chili Cookoff and Chess Tournament #4Grand Long Haul IIGrand Long Haul IGrand Long Haul IIIGrand Long Haul IIGrand Long Haul ISahhalin TriosTSM QuadGrand Long Haul IIGrand Long Haul IGrand Long Haul IIIGrand Long Haul IIIGrand Long Haul IICaspian TrophyTACK Toddler 2 Man (6)TACK 2 Weak to DuelRJF Challenge VIIIROBERT FISCHER XXVIIIBLUE SCHOLARS IIIBROWNIE ESPECIAL IIIZETA THETA GAMMA IIBLUE SCHOLARS IIALPHA PHI OMEGA IIALPHA PHI OMEGA IITACK 2 Weak 2 QuadZETA THETA GAMMA IROBERT J. FISCHER XTiananmen Memorial OctetKool-Aid OpenTACK 2 week 2 QuadTACK Lucky 7`s (14)TACK Snow Shovel (5)Long Haul 21/28ANZAC Day 2009 PairsANZAC Day 2009 OctetTACK Lucky 7's (13)TACK Snow Shovel (5)3/7 QuadsLong Haul IITACK Lucky 7's (12)TACK 2 Weak 2 QuadTACK is Normal (NEVER!) (6)TACK Snow Shovel (3)TACK Easter Championship NormalEaster BunnyFunky Moves dual IITSM Scum VHorn of EldTACK Truckers Dream (2)TACK Lucky 7's (8)TACK 2 Weak 2 QuadDual at SunriseThe Dark Tower Club Pt.10TACK Three-Dom (3)TACK Lucky 7 (5)TACK Lucky 7's (3)TCFHCC ShootoutTACK Lucky 7's (2)TACK Convoy OPENTACK Three-Dom 3/3 OpenTACK Back to FrontTACK Lucky 7's Duel OPENTACK 2009 ChampionshipJanuari Octet IGrand Split Three Seven VIMini Banded Duels.Long Haul 21/28Family Guy OctetTACK 3/7 8 Man Quad New PartyHow Many?Scrooge's TreatTACK's XMAS 3/71st Freddie Mercury MemorialBanded IIAdvent TriosThe Dark Tower Club Pt.9Kind of Blue openLong Haul 21/28Quartets IIAnti-Racism 2nd DuelsAnti-Racism 2nd DuelsTriskelion IIILong Haul 21/28Eureka Stockade OctetTriskelion II10/09/08Exacute Order 66!Finally....... :)7/14 QuadsTACK 1/28 TournamentLong Haul 21/28Southern Cross PairsGrand Split Three Seven V7/14 DuelLong Haul VIGrand Long Haul ITao Dual - June 2008Grouped Random21/28 Long HaulSouthern Cross QuartetsEpidemic #8TSM TourneyDuel 7/14Tao tournament - quadsLong HaulRHP I.C. Spring 7/7 2008Grouped Random ITao tournament 1 - triplesClub 14 Tournament3/3 TourneyGrouped Random IThreesomes VLong Haul IIILong Haul IILong Haul VILong Haul IIIThreesomes IILong HaulLong Haul VGrouped Random IILong Haul IIDuel IILong Haul IIIGrouped Random ILong Haul ILong Haul VILong Haul IIILong Haul IILong Haul ILong Haul VIIIThreesomes XIDuel VIIILong Haul VIILong Haul VIDuel VIIThreesomes VIThreesomes VLong Haul VLong Haul IIILong Haul IILong Haul ILong Haul VThreesomes IIILong Haul Quartets VLong Haul Quartets IIILong Haul VILong Haul VIILong Haul VILong Haul VLong Haul IIILong Haul Quartets IILong Haul ILong Haul Quartets ILong Haul SplitLong Haul SplitLong Haul SplitLong Haul SplitLong Haul SplitLong Haul SplitLong Haul SplitSplit VSplit IISplit ILong Haul SplitLong Haul SplitLong Haul SplitLong Haul SplitSplit IThreesomes ISplit XIIISplit VIIISplit VIISplit VISprint Split XIISprint Split XIDuel IISprint Duel 64Sprint Split VIIILong Haul SplitSprint Duel 64 XXVIIIFoursomesNew Year 2007 Unbanded Duel VINew Year 2007 Grand Split VINew Year 2007 Grand Split IIINew Year 2007 Unbanded Duel II'06 7/14 Unbanded Duel VI'06 7/14 Unbanded Duel IIILong Haul Duel 64 December '06 Unbanded IILong Haul SplitBig Unbanded Quartets IThe big slow one VThe big slow one VIThe big slow one IIILong Haul Grouped XXIIILong Haul Grouped XXIILong Haul SplitSprint Grouped Kappa 1/21Grand Split Three Seven XXIIILong Haul SplitMareades Grouped Random2006 Ladies Open sponsored by arrakisAemilianus Grouped RandomIunior Grouped RandomGrand Split Three Seven XVSprint Grouped Epsilon 1/14Gordian Grouped RandomSprint Grouped Delta 1/21Seleucus Grouped RandomLong Haul Grouped XXIVe Grouped RandomLong Haul Grouped XVDelta Duel 64 II