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Chess Player Directory for Ireland

Chess Player Directory for Ireland

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber con25online150133631610120554820 Feb '17 10:47Challenge Player
Subscriber mig21online118342331703227525520 Feb '17 10:43Challenge Player
Subscriber divathonline18705383131675820 Feb '17 10:42Challenge Player
Standard member mmkieonline15168444743205020 Feb '17 10:42Challenge Player
Standard member adimpiusonline13137773713753120 Feb '17 10:41Challenge Player
Subscriber caoimhoonline132397314517483837620 Feb '17 10:41Challenge Player
Standard member murphiusonline1045707306393820 Feb '17 10:37Challenge Player
Standard member redmca1446854736220 Feb '17 10:34Challenge Player
Standard member mickus111416285959755820 Feb '17 10:34Challenge Player
Subscriber elliot2212475832313411120 Feb '17 10:16Challenge Player
Subscriber karlconroy130117888238838220 Feb '17 10:15Challenge Player
Standard member peadair43212243803748203520 Feb '17 10:02Challenge Player
Standard member pdunne17941863135538012820 Feb '17 09:52Challenge Player
Subscriber walkingeasy132813578235102420 Feb '17 09:47Challenge Player
Standard member frankdel1685213130671620 Feb '17 09:05Challenge Player
Standard member Eanna138515910054520 Feb '17 08:58Challenge Player
Standard member pherekydes16149774394479120 Feb '17 08:53Challenge Player
Standard member cornell8313696663392953220 Feb '17 08:51Challenge Player
Standard member topbloke113186964332501320 Feb '17 08:46Challenge Player
Standard member THE BUSINESS 11299251135111520 Feb '17 08:43Challenge Player
Standard member Vitamin B14711526680620 Feb '17 08:36Challenge Player
Standard member murph2K413651166550120 Feb '17 08:35Challenge Player
Standard member seancool15103982231532220 Feb '17 08:32Challenge Player
Standard member LeimanSean15688994963426120 Feb '17 08:31Challenge Player
Subscriber ronnie213112533127611718620 Feb '17 08:29Challenge Player
Subscriber SEAN76137616037558103820 Feb '17 08:09Challenge Player
Subscriber derekoshea122018267989864220 Feb '17 08:00Challenge Player
Subscriber Beeny137819229868548220 Feb '17 07:58Challenge Player
Standard member chezzplayer1009311134168920 Feb '17 07:58Challenge Player
Standard member pawnbaron11607992894832720 Feb '17 07:53Challenge Player

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