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Chess Player Directory for Bulgaria

Chess Player Directory for Bulgaria

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber carlspring10671537610921626 Feb '17 22:49Challenge Player
Standard member venci212320716373726 Feb '17 22:13Challenge Player
Standard member Chopard1961208178161426 Feb '17 21:35Challenge Player
Standard member aleskov1895275220253026 Feb '17 21:20Challenge Player
Standard member The unreal18026303532314626 Feb '17 21:03Challenge Player
Standard member vl11115993821562062026 Feb '17 20:45Challenge Player
Standard member Pishman190116214181326 Feb '17 20:39Challenge Player
Standard member BOBI199112056593383061526 Feb '17 20:27Challenge Player
Standard member BGmaster1864276226262426 Feb '17 20:20Challenge Player
Standard member jaguarbg15677632584475826 Feb '17 20:07Challenge Player
Standard member mandarine177810735551726 Feb '17 20:01Challenge Player
Standard member I will try15342761571041526 Feb '17 18:27Challenge Player
Standard member NikChes2116239180352426 Feb '17 17:48Challenge Player
Standard member bako861510309209901026 Feb '17 15:31Challenge Player
Subscriber george1955240018513194526 Feb '17 13:28Challenge Player
Standard member benchmark16947543303715326 Feb '17 11:01Challenge Player
Standard member kochev1452694324226 Feb '17 09:39Challenge Player
Standard member Zaynelov1508188108602024 Feb '17 21:55Challenge Player
Standard member kromanyon1775224116931524 Feb '17 09:50Challenge Player
Standard member tigero146319711773713 Feb '17 09:40Challenge Player
Standard member ITSMERLIN136014876601219 Jan '17 12:12Challenge Player
Standard member mandja1075994653011 Jan '17 15:10Challenge Player
Standard member hunchu164944377020 Dec '16 18:37Challenge Player
Standard member s4eti1149317174135825 Nov '16 17:12Challenge Player
Standard member vancho11041125455314 Oct '16 21:21Challenge Player
Standard member Vankata9291135359114 Oct '16 21:12Challenge Player
Standard member 4arli 200715876844162343409 Oct '16 14:37Challenge Player
Standard member Sith Killer13076682873166524 Sep '16 16:21Challenge Player
Standard member Bragolgirith1553260139982324 Sep '16 08:18Challenge Player
Subscriber kal79114659113446188258312 Sep '16 18:50Challenge Player

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