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Chess Player Directory for Bulgaria

Chess Player Directory for Bulgaria

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member I will tryonline14662921611151622 Jul '17 16:35Challenge Player
Standard member ITSMERLINonline1606286183861722 Jul '17 16:35Challenge Player
Standard member BOBI199111827173673331722 Jul '17 15:27Challenge Player
Standard member Pishman194018616381522 Jul '17 14:39Challenge Player
Standard member aleskov1837292232303022 Jul '17 14:36Challenge Player
Standard member bako8615943482361011122 Jul '17 14:33Challenge Player
Standard member benchmark15637733343865322 Jul '17 14:13Challenge Player
Standard member gengata13328934234353522 Jul '17 13:43Challenge Player
Standard member Chopard1913224190201422 Jul '17 13:04Challenge Player
Standard member BGmaster1809314253332822 Jul '17 12:55Challenge Player
Standard member kochev1439865330322 Jul '17 12:17Challenge Player
Standard member vl11115114501802472322 Jul '17 10:59Challenge Player
Subscriber carlspring10771561618937621 Jul '17 23:45Challenge Player
Standard member NikChes2131245186352421 Jul '17 19:35Challenge Player
Standard member jaguarbg14998292754886621 Jul '17 19:24Challenge Player
Standard member vancho11091145655321 Jul '17 18:32Challenge Player
Standard member Vankata9221145360121 Jul '17 18:27Challenge Player
Standard member The unreal17696483592404921 Jul '17 16:32Challenge Player
Standard member kromanyon1749230118971521 Jul '17 15:51Challenge Player
Subscriber george19552404194138104621 Jul '17 06:49Challenge Player
Standard member Zaynelov1516191110612020 Jul '17 14:05Challenge Player
Standard member venci212921016573819 Jul '17 12:42Challenge Player
Standard member mandarine186312646621819 Jul '17 05:10Challenge Player
Standard member Gorov1661473512024 Jun '17 16:42Challenge Player
Standard member geopard210279667620 May '17 00:37Challenge Player
Standard member Sith Killer13076682873166507 May '17 05:47Challenge Player
Standard member erucsbo855308115192106 May '17 17:55Challenge Player
Standard member Bragolgirith1553260139982304 May '17 18:37Challenge Player
Standard member tigero143919811774713 Feb '17 09:40Challenge Player
Standard member mandja1075994653011 Jan '17 15:10Challenge Player

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