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  1. 23 Aug '17 15:04
    One move away from checkmate and the opponet wont resign or move , How many times does this unsportsmanlike behavior occur?
  2. 23 Aug '17 17:10 / 1 edit
    I can see the game you are talking about, don't take it as a personal slant.
    Your opponent played on till checkmate in 565 of the 1000+ games he has lost.

    Some players, as is their right, play on till checkmate. He also has 120+ other
    games on the go so maybe he has not got around to replying to you yet
  3. Subscriber moonbus
    23 Aug '17 20:30
    Either he's got too many concurrent games going to reply, or he's hoping you'll die before the timeout expires. Look both ways before crossing the street!
  4. 23 Aug '17 22:14
    that's exactly how I thought about it ; a very sorry way to play such an honorable game....Game 12261591
  5. Standard member congruent
    Chess Player
    23 Aug '17 22:24
    If you're playing people on ICC you will get worse, possibly insults if you win the game.
  6. Subscriber LittleDonkey
    Little Donkey
    23 Aug '17 22:34
    He is playing within the rules that you both agreed from the outset. Discussing an on going game could be perceived as a breach of the rules...
  7. Subscriber ZorroTheFox On Vacation
    RHP MostActivePlayer
    24 Aug '17 01:11
    As you know, there are three ways to lose in chess: 1. Checkmate; 2. Time; and 3. Resign. So, by the way you are presenting that it is unsportsmanlike conduct, which the player is not, he can chose to lose on time. It is interesting how some make up rules to fit their needs of winning.
  8. 24 Aug '17 01:30
    As GP has suggested in the past, it would be nice if the computer played out forced conditional moves.
  9. 24 Aug '17 08:59
    AS Eladar suggests, just use the conditional move feature to play
    out the forced mate for you and forget all about it till a skull appears.
  10. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    25 Aug '17 13:10
    Originally posted by @pkpowers
    that's exactly how I thought about it ; a very sorry way to play such an honorable game....Game 12261591
    Actually, 4 separate ways to checkmate.