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  1. Standard member congruent
    Chess Player
    11 Sep '17 16:13
    Hmm top players eliminated in lottery 2 games. Does Carlsen still think this is a good idea for a world chess championship?
  2. Standard member congruent
    Chess Player
    16 Sep '17 15:55
    Haven't really been following the games but interesting move by Carlsen's opponent 15. Ne5 in the game in which Carlsen needed to win

  3. 18 Sep '17 01:15
    I think this has been a great event. It's not really a lottery till the 2nd tie break and blitz.
    Before then there are two classical games and two rapid (25 minute) games.

    7 of the top 10 were knocked out.
    In brackets is the seeded position of the player that knocked them out.

    Carlsen (33)
    Caruana (35)
    Kramnik (29)
    Mamedyarov (53)
    Nakamura (26)
    Grischuk (8)

    Grischuk who was knocked out by MVL is the only 10 ten player who
    was knocked out by a fellow top 10 player.

    If one of these players was knocked out by an outsider then yes unlucky.
    But 6 of them failed to produce the goods v a supposedly weaker player..

    In the semi's it is Aronian v MVL and Wes So v Ding Liren.

    All great players, skill will shine though and triumph over luck.
  4. Standard member congruent
    Chess Player
    18 Sep '17 12:29
    Perhaps it means that some of these tournaments should be open to the top 100 then with the top 20 playing each other most of the time in invitationals?
  5. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    19 Sep '17 00:47
    I have been inclined to think that part of the rating inflation at the top is because the top players tend to cherry-pick when they play down, and then trade points with each other. It's an insular, inbred system lately.

    I am still not 100% sure my thinking is true, but this event does seem to expose the top players a little bit.
  6. 22 Sep '17 14:02
    It is Ding Liren v Lev Aronian in the final.

    MVl Tweeted:
    "Warm Congrats to Lev Aronian - that was intense! and I'm sure I'll see you in Berlin with my speedy recovery program"

    Aronian replied
    "Thank you brother! That’s what friends are for, to challenge one another and face the inevitable..."

    MVL's other chance to get a Candidates spot is the Grand Prix where he has more
    than an equal chance on current form of qualifying especially now that Ding who
    was above him no longer figures in qualifying.

    The other bonus for MVL is that Grischuk and Mamedyarov who are above him have
    played their three Grand Prix so MVL knows exactly what he has to do. It is still in his hands.

    Caruana, Kramnik and Wes So play the numbers game and see who gets the rating spot.
    The top two highest rated players amongst the non-qualifiers go through..
    When the December Rating list is published it will be divided by 12 (months in a year)
    and the two with highest average rating are in.

    Caruana and Kramnik have to play in the Isle of Man and Kramnik in the European cup.

    The Wildcard.:
    Financial reasons could have a say in matters. Agon will look to see what
    country subscribed to their site the most and choose a player from there.

    (They will be rubbing with glee because Ding is in there - China has the most net users on the planet.)

    I'd say America wold have supplied the most subscribers but either Wes or Caruana
    will be in the candidates so they may go for MVL if the Grand Prix route fails to bring France into the equation.

    The more countries that are represented the more subscribers they will have.
    It's always about the money.