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How Cuba Does Hurricanes3719 Sep '17 13:08finneganfinnegan
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The Chinese and Chess919 Sep '17 11:08mchillmchill
Climate change denier to head NASA2619 Sep '17 11:06vivifysonhouse
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Rape. Is it ever right to question the actions ...8619 Sep '17 10:36huckleberryhoundWajoma
Teachers afraid to teach about 9/111519 Sep '17 10:21whodeymchill
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Racists Furious Over Superman3118 Sep '17 18:57vivifysonhouse
Migrant madness1618 Sep '17 18:44finneganfinnegan
Sanders health care plan to save us $5800/year1118 Sep '17 16:26whodeywhodey
Lack of Ethnic Diversity3317 Sep '17 22:43joe shmofinnegan
D64 vacation417 Sep '17 22:37kquinn909finnegan
Trump breaks child labor laws216 Sep '17 16:59whodeymchill
The Crumbling Effect316 Sep '17 13:56FreakyKBHFreakyKBH
I've looked at Trump from both sides now1515 Sep '17 17:10shavixmirKazetNagorra
CO2 greens deserts3715 Sep '17 16:25Metal BrainFabianFnas
Mo strikes again in London315 Sep '17 15:15whodeywhodey
#MedicareForAll1415 Sep '17 10:57Zahlanzikquinn909
"My fellow white people: if you’re not part of ...7915 Sep '17 10:03Duchess64Indonesia Phil
Lincoln's Lyceum Address614 Sep '17 17:11JS357finnegan
Please tell me this is fake news714 Sep '17 14:54whodeykquinn909
Trump is joining the DNC1313 Sep '17 17:54whodeyKazetNagorra
Trump verses Mother Nature1213 Sep '17 12:28whodeywhodey
Trump testing bipartisanship113 Sep '17 11:39mchillmchill
My new kitty cat.1211 Sep '17 23:54kquinn909Suzianne
Reparations for blacks?13710 Sep '17 21:03whodeykquinn909
'The most persecuted people in the world.'?1110 Sep '17 20:47Duchess64kquinn909
Watch these films610 Sep '17 18:52kquinn909Shallow Blue