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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Bobthebassonline168942202249169727425 Sep '17 11:39Challenge Player
Standard member Greenpaulonline13101135259225 Sep '17 11:38Challenge Player
Standard member gouldjonline12972970142414559125 Sep '17 11:38Challenge Player
Standard member mightywhitesonline135129119397125 Sep '17 11:38Challenge Player
Standard member holmesonline1182874340425 Sep '17 11:37Challenge Player
Subscriber TMEWilliamsonline12946482683681225 Sep '17 11:37Challenge Player
Subscriber munichmickonline161728971322126730825 Sep '17 11:37Challenge Player
Subscriber Tonksonline171435732335101322525 Sep '17 11:36Challenge Player
Standard member WhiteHorsesonline17372416127394020325 Sep '17 11:36Challenge Player
Standard member AnthonyHonline1579103043437322325 Sep '17 11:36Challenge Player
Standard member tigerkidonline16696692973284425 Sep '17 11:35Challenge Player
Standard member Alan McMahononline1841307219612725 Sep '17 11:34Challenge Player
Standard member scoop122online136723801131106318625 Sep '17 11:34Challenge Player
Standard member AugurNambulusonline10188043334393225 Sep '17 11:33Challenge Player
Standard member Ed Kainyekonline15014762252361525 Sep '17 11:32Challenge Player
Standard member slopeyonline1802352268731125 Sep '17 11:31Challenge Player
Standard member The Rocketeeronline1308302198842025 Sep '17 11:30Challenge Player
Standard member patwadonline1487195211048004825 Sep '17 11:30Challenge Player
Standard member Campaigneronline1163191678211151925 Sep '17 11:30Challenge Player
Standard member Butch Cassidyonline113637591858179910225 Sep '17 11:29Challenge Player
Standard member The Conquistadoronline145324315187525 Sep '17 11:29Challenge Player
Standard member Dragon2010online131212485776531825 Sep '17 11:29Challenge Player
Standard member Ross Tayloronline155539327025 Sep '17 11:29Challenge Player
Subscriber Elphinstone167028051501118212225 Sep '17 11:28Challenge Player
Standard member Bobbytonge1196733041225 Sep '17 11:28Challenge Player
Standard member hugsteps121721813025 Sep '17 11:27Challenge Player
Subscriber Crossy Fox1399664521025 Sep '17 11:25Challenge Player
Standard member Richard112033281151912225 Sep '17 11:25Challenge Player
Standard member lastcraft190295868125 Sep '17 11:24Challenge Player
Standard member crazyhorse6661512966530125 Sep '17 11:22Challenge Player

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