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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Elphinstoneonline169632111737133314120 Sep '18 03:31Challenge Player
Subscriber rookorbycrookonline1438214086511829320 Sep '18 03:29Challenge Player
Standard member iRadiateonline125710825125442620 Sep '18 03:24Challenge Player
Standard member Brozlightyear11921064559220 Sep '18 03:17Challenge Player
Standard member the fluffer13928484064321020 Sep '18 03:14Challenge Player
Subscriber carl marx11043441137919689420 Sep '18 03:11Challenge Player
Standard member dizzypawn157433571743126934520 Sep '18 03:07Challenge Player
Standard member psinghmandla137712564937174620 Sep '18 02:59Challenge Player
Subscriber divegeester11322850135414415520 Sep '18 02:57Challenge Player
Subscriber norburykingdom1217198484911122320 Sep '18 02:56Challenge Player
Standard member RacknStack198362592120 Sep '18 02:55Challenge Player
Standard member Mindmanager10599674015353120 Sep '18 02:54Challenge Player
Subscriber Crossy Fox1403299174117820 Sep '18 02:51Challenge Player
Standard member Eggcatcher136414937316768620 Sep '18 02:40Challenge Player
Subscriber tjmarti15224382601611720 Sep '18 02:30Challenge Player
Standard member ukslim200015865182841775720 Sep '18 02:23Challenge Player
Standard member yinker12698063983872120 Sep '18 02:20Challenge Player
Donation mmanuel12175442213111220 Sep '18 02:19Challenge Player
Subscriber Jools06 On Vacation101359752389339019620 Sep '18 02:06Challenge Player
Subscriber banthony On Vacation147610315494087420 Sep '18 02:04Challenge Player
Subscriber aylingsd147212506115845520 Sep '18 02:01Challenge Player
Standard member a0213612335293002181120 Sep '18 02:00Challenge Player
Subscriber bignig100148512310239414720 Sep '18 01:57Challenge Player
Standard member clarkskent13394351952291120 Sep '18 01:57Challenge Player
Standard member Solondon11864792197727605520 Sep '18 01:51Challenge Player
Standard member JohnTChance152816111344420 Sep '18 01:48Challenge Player
Standard member Unicorn84792183469549225720 Sep '18 01:22Challenge Player
Subscriber lausey17902196111597810320 Sep '18 01:19Challenge Player
Standard member Stevey Ray1479795127120 Sep '18 01:17Challenge Player
Standard member HK Eddie169376932424520020 Sep '18 01:12Challenge Player

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