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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member AnthonyHonline1579103043437322324 Sep '17 13:47Challenge Player
Subscriber Ragwortonline19023370217277042824 Sep '17 13:47Challenge Player
Subscriber gothcharlesonline16192057103689013124 Sep '17 13:47Challenge Player
Standard member lcfcjsponline1521200293491215624 Sep '17 13:46Challenge Player
Subscriber CheekyCheckeronline14142635130112815324 Sep '17 13:46Challenge Player
Standard member Juan Uysonline1361432712424 Sep '17 13:46Challenge Player
Subscriber marrekshionline12434461972341524 Sep '17 13:46Challenge Player
Standard member Ross Tayloronline152637307024 Sep '17 13:46Challenge Player
Donation Mulderonline On Vacation12652366114011388824 Sep '17 13:46Challenge Player
Subscriber danrose84online1288203190310913724 Sep '17 13:45Challenge Player
Standard member The Conquistadoronline145324315187524 Sep '17 13:45Challenge Player
Standard member parker1online127310844425776524 Sep '17 13:44Challenge Player
Standard member tigerkidonline16696672963274424 Sep '17 13:44Challenge Player
Subscriber munichmickonline161728971322126730824 Sep '17 13:44Challenge Player
Standard member amtw99online1774152877652622624 Sep '17 13:43Challenge Player
Subscriber FlyingWolf13581963667112217424 Sep '17 13:43Challenge Player
Standard member AndySimmonsonline1737355227983024 Sep '17 13:42Challenge Player
Standard member Chalkie28online12958683964343824 Sep '17 13:42Challenge Player
Standard member janeharris9976111564322324 Sep '17 13:42Challenge Player
Subscriber robhameronline1418173170287915024 Sep '17 13:41Challenge Player
Subscriber derekxvonline126610194715311724 Sep '17 13:41Challenge Player
Subscriber david1947online107931971232185311224 Sep '17 13:40Challenge Player
Subscriber Redshoesonline134113977125949124 Sep '17 13:40Challenge Player
Standard member Johnharris102122044171524 Sep '17 13:40Challenge Player
Standard member cdlmalherbeonline10662681181401024 Sep '17 13:39Challenge Player
Standard member psinghmandlaonline123211354366584124 Sep '17 13:39Challenge Player
Subscriber Alfie Beamish17835603281993324 Sep '17 13:35Challenge Player
Standard member mightywhites135129119397124 Sep '17 13:35Challenge Player
Standard member tashford93311884487281224 Sep '17 13:34Challenge Player
Standard member holmes1182874340424 Sep '17 13:33Challenge Player

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