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Chess Player Directory for Sweden

Chess Player Directory for Sweden

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Mr Forest120561773089271737121 Sep '17 22:39Challenge Player
Standard member bjonil6090814629117021 Sep '17 22:23Challenge Player
Standard member Goranmjolby147511936724616021 Sep '17 22:19Challenge Player
Standard member Hadzo Mujnovic17153652061213821 Sep '17 21:44Challenge Player
Subscriber ulferik146761342579343512021 Sep '17 21:12Challenge Player
Standard member Per Madsen1333644320317721 Sep '17 21:12Challenge Player
Standard member Erik The Viking12871105942921 Sep '17 20:42Challenge Player
Standard member Loveses131119211272821 Sep '17 20:26Challenge Player
Standard member remtoli145315799481021 Sep '17 20:15Challenge Player
Standard member jstipo209112365382021 Sep '17 20:07Challenge Player
Standard member hepatica157932301121 Sep '17 19:53Challenge Player
Standard member luddeq2156202125245321 Sep '17 19:47Challenge Player
Standard member schalturtjik17167354372485021 Sep '17 19:32Challenge Player
Standard member Niclas Strand17005233141664321 Sep '17 19:28Challenge Player
Standard member noe41800293200682521 Sep '17 19:19Challenge Player
Standard member Torbjorn Molvig1620724917621 Sep '17 19:15Challenge Player
Standard member Richwood1231311318021 Sep '17 19:11Challenge Player
Subscriber tramper173226121373101522421 Sep '17 18:47Challenge Player
Subscriber chrekh1503105365769441635121 Sep '17 18:45Challenge Player
Subscriber Torunn1240803837521 Sep '17 18:42Challenge Player
Standard member HempaBempa14192571231241021 Sep '17 17:59Challenge Player
Standard member Goult14751378545721 Sep '17 17:42Challenge Player
Standard member Cristian Nitu136920216834021 Sep '17 17:29Challenge Player
Standard member sbostrom1237543121221 Sep '17 16:43Challenge Player
Standard member PIERRE G13453061361561421 Sep '17 15:59Challenge Player
Standard member mr kane15199314634363221 Sep '17 15:59Challenge Player
Standard member daka200015008585143014321 Sep '17 15:30Challenge Player
Standard member Permov11328203904151521 Sep '17 13:42Challenge Player
Standard member Thrawn12221386069921 Sep '17 13:26Challenge Player
Standard member Robban13306632723573421 Sep '17 12:00Challenge Player

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