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Chess Player Directory for Belgium

Chess Player Directory for Belgium

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Tony Van Gorp134320311284720 Sep '18 02:04Challenge Player
Standard member chacroso14071155058719 Sep '18 22:11Challenge Player
Subscriber Mahoutsoukai1877103546364320378719 Sep '18 22:02Challenge Player
Standard member flore13971993133553812019 Sep '18 21:54Challenge Player
Standard member linuxguru110879183845033119 Sep '18 21:51Challenge Player
Standard member Ksuyke1317463214019 Sep '18 21:50Challenge Player
Standard member FnH1219994454119 Sep '18 21:42Challenge Player
Subscriber King of Cydonia14883811921642519 Sep '18 21:36Challenge Player
Standard member lucas5174013029572588719 Sep '18 21:32Challenge Player
Standard member cotte161910095264424119 Sep '18 21:22Challenge Player
Subscriber Raampje x1231174174088711419 Sep '18 21:17Challenge Player
Standard member Felix II11821466772719 Sep '18 21:15Challenge Player
Standard member kiekeboe142884940932012019 Sep '18 21:12Challenge Player
Standard member graph162210305264525219 Sep '18 20:50Challenge Player
Subscriber rlissens85012453908391619 Sep '18 20:45Challenge Player
Standard member dirty harry1549101249139312819 Sep '18 20:35Challenge Player
Standard member tvochess15594712561853019 Sep '18 20:30Challenge Player
Subscriber Milco170239334219 Sep '18 20:18Challenge Player
Standard member Els92369641816493721119 Sep '18 20:09Challenge Player
Standard member CortezTheKiller1759169120321719 Sep '18 20:02Challenge Player
Standard member Sergej174110918691635919 Sep '18 20:01Challenge Player
Standard member TFY74114351387460419 Sep '18 19:57Challenge Player
Subscriber Frenico1223308158141919 Sep '18 19:49Challenge Player
Standard member whyiseveryoneaPAWNp 11341251619 Sep '18 19:43Challenge Player
Standard member fli731246253108138719 Sep '18 19:35Challenge Player
Standard member joachim11079846782993512819 Sep '18 19:18Challenge Player
Subscriber tomroy1242257798815098019 Sep '18 18:56Challenge Player
Standard member patinoramirez299103720350145819 Sep '18 18:23Challenge Player
Subscriber SurvivorshipBias14874762312024319 Sep '18 18:17Challenge Player
Subscriber CeSinge1395450248196619 Sep '18 18:16Challenge Player

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