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Chess Player Directory for Netherlands

Chess Player Directory for Netherlands

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Endorphinonline10456852404341120 Jan '18 12:40Challenge Player
Standard member fred Sonline11334202072021120 Jan '18 12:40Challenge Player
Standard member Jelmer Oldersmaonline1063552430120 Jan '18 12:39Challenge Player
Standard member GijsNonline96122220020 Jan '18 12:38Challenge Player
Standard member peterfrans2onlinep 1476861120 Jan '18 12:37Challenge Player
Standard member wdhonlinep 1186532020 Jan '18 12:36Challenge Player
Standard member snozufonline13944542451941520 Jan '18 12:36Challenge Player
Standard member Jos Bröringonline1164237110123420 Jan '18 12:35Challenge Player
Standard member flor66online13809514085014220 Jan '18 12:35Challenge Player
Standard member A3Chessonline1352794329720 Jan '18 12:33Challenge Player
Standard member JJR Lancelonline147913536056915720 Jan '18 12:33Challenge Player
Standard member the vigilanteonline164313447754997020 Jan '18 12:33Challenge Player
Standard member taco de adobada1812674119720 Jan '18 12:32Challenge Player
Standard member Jans26online13902146114085515120 Jan '18 12:31Challenge Player
Standard member Joostdragtonline15631127239120 Jan '18 12:30Challenge Player
Standard member MacPateonline158582741526714520 Jan '18 12:30Challenge Player
Standard member Edward de Vries 211171093866520 Jan '18 12:30Challenge Player
Subscriber pischa15615582832304520 Jan '18 12:30Challenge Player
Subscriber marinushj141716838357727620 Jan '18 12:29Challenge Player
Standard member PaulCou14168605342745220 Jan '18 12:29Challenge Player
Standard member deschaker106910383696511820 Jan '18 12:28Challenge Player
Standard member BOB8312483801791891220 Jan '18 12:26Challenge Player
Standard member Weener14227614153014520 Jan '18 12:25Challenge Player
Standard member ahattumvan1548130768945516320 Jan '18 12:23Challenge Player
Standard member Stamp1489145176354414420 Jan '18 12:22Challenge Player
Standard member ber jebbink1208460282170820 Jan '18 12:22Challenge Player
Subscriber Harrro15393381851312220 Jan '18 12:22Challenge Player
Standard member peter17114826181175520 Jan '18 12:21Challenge Player
Standard member jaap noordzij13398974214245220 Jan '18 12:17Challenge Player
Standard member pacoleon12335012542351220 Jan '18 12:17Challenge Player

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