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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member toot1online16074392621651225 May '18 01:10Challenge Player
Subscriber petronusonline12464962228025948825 May '18 01:10Challenge Player
Standard member Waratahonline1207265152110325 May '18 01:09Challenge Player
Subscriber olddogonline1572234313169388925 May '18 01:08Challenge Player
Standard member gibbsyonline116115264639986525 May '18 01:07Challenge Player
Standard member Cos Russoonline141834101366190713725 May '18 01:07Challenge Player
Standard member francounoonline1435205415654375225 May '18 01:05Challenge Player
Standard member BarbatiRosuonline1482704523225 May '18 01:04Challenge Player
Standard member chopchoponline1373298127165625 May '18 01:03Challenge Player
Standard member pjlacy136833429238425 May '18 01:00Challenge Player
Subscriber Peta Pan9234105160924425425 May '18 01:00Challenge Player
Subscriber The Postman132537661860180210425 May '18 00:58Challenge Player
Standard member boidos1667158878964815125 May '18 00:55Challenge Player
Subscriber buggadog125964922710353324925 May '18 00:53Challenge Player
Standard member egor bio hazchem115418162115425 May '18 00:52Challenge Player
Subscriber mcmre13012494125411499125 May '18 00:48Challenge Player
Standard member rwyburd111711794367251825 May '18 00:47Challenge Player
Subscriber projectread1000151042110503925 May '18 00:40Challenge Player
Subscriber Mrjaws17951149119425 May '18 00:39Challenge Player
Standard member daddykool2811379343745392125 May '18 00:39Challenge Player
Standard member grannywombat12357403673601325 May '18 00:37Challenge Player
Standard member Waldemar12738062994763125 May '18 00:32Challenge Player
Standard member pozz12668983894723725 May '18 00:22Challenge Player
Subscriber kingbaz2126446052103237113125 May '18 00:19Challenge Player
Standard member woodsy110535802523141425 May '18 00:19Challenge Player
Standard member Louis the XV142311964866535725 May '18 00:18Challenge Player
Standard member dexter67135313917646022525 May '18 00:13Challenge Player
Standard member Gary Kleiman14534832482092625 May '18 00:13Challenge Player
Standard member mikey61012524771762871425 May '18 00:13Challenge Player
Standard member boriskrol1717108437757313425 May '18 00:11Challenge Player

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