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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Megsyonline128112866785585019 Aug '18 13:53Challenge Player
Subscriber The Big Bishoponline175410756443795219 Aug '18 13:47Challenge Player
Standard member Huey2712106022283561819 Aug '18 13:43Challenge Player
Standard member nnank1224530247281219 Aug '18 13:43Challenge Player
Standard member Dr Depth130819812765619 Aug '18 13:41Challenge Player
Standard member superdale14274682472111019 Aug '18 13:37Challenge Player
Standard member Athena1979851372602991319 Aug '18 13:33Challenge Player
Subscriber trekkie11122619938156811319 Aug '18 13:32Challenge Player
Standard member Cos Russo131834891393195514119 Aug '18 13:26Challenge Player
Standard member zsoltdownunder13768162894923519 Aug '18 13:25Challenge Player
Standard member dave1234aust12952149988105910219 Aug '18 13:13Challenge Player
Standard member francouno1503212316104615219 Aug '18 13:06Challenge Player
Standard member stevenitalo152824315382819 Aug '18 13:03Challenge Player
Standard member Waratah1246280162115319 Aug '18 12:59Challenge Player
Subscriber topknot661769228155631019 Aug '18 12:57Challenge Player
Standard member Old Boy12566884622141219 Aug '18 12:54Challenge Player
Standard member Nathan B10118043614222119 Aug '18 12:51Challenge Player
Subscriber Mrjaws175817512542819 Aug '18 12:50Challenge Player
Standard member rwyburd112512044457401919 Aug '18 12:49Challenge Player
Subscriber kingbaz2121046422115239313419 Aug '18 12:47Challenge Player
Standard member Glasnost1851201101633719 Aug '18 12:46Challenge Player
Standard member scottpenfold149313286726352119 Aug '18 12:44Challenge Player
Subscriber aidypoos148710084724954119 Aug '18 12:41Challenge Player
Subscriber mickeyt136629371403139813619 Aug '18 12:40Challenge Player
Standard member Stephen Pearson7868201666411319 Aug '18 12:38Challenge Player
Standard member Dwayne Williamsp 1200312019 Aug '18 12:36Challenge Player
Standard member Hegemon15076864032513219 Aug '18 12:32Challenge Player
Standard member Dunky13155983112652219 Aug '18 12:20Challenge Player
Standard member boriskrol1788111838958714219 Aug '18 12:19Challenge Player
Standard member kenny6211693001431471019 Aug '18 12:18Challenge Player

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