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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Maustrauseronline12742429116311709614 Dec '17 04:21Challenge Player
Subscriber mcmreonline13932330119210578114 Dec '17 04:20Challenge Player
Standard member ostrikovaconline15286313432602814 Dec '17 04:20Challenge Player
Subscriber retsnomaligonline15296623562822414 Dec '17 04:20Challenge Player
Standard member Michael Murrayonline1043224871251214 Dec '17 04:19Challenge Player
Standard member gibbsyonline103113493849105514 Dec '17 04:19Challenge Player
Subscriber Bruin14868695422854214 Dec '17 04:17Challenge Player
Subscriber David Greenwoodonline128747582656192218014 Dec '17 04:16Challenge Player
Standard member Nathan Bonline9916512783541914 Dec '17 04:14Challenge Player
Standard member Craig Phillipsonlinep 1505761014 Dec '17 04:14Challenge Player
Standard member Rocoll1352295181981614 Dec '17 04:12Challenge Player
Standard member Mark Dunn1264512624114 Dec '17 04:12Challenge Player
Standard member aussiepawn17994672981195014 Dec '17 04:11Challenge Player
Standard member Mad Dog 2020p 1466550014 Dec '17 04:03Challenge Player
Standard member dalebass158622193014 Dec '17 04:03Challenge Player
Subscriber petronus12794750217824898314 Dec '17 04:01Challenge Player
Subscriber The Postman13353538173417059914 Dec '17 04:01Challenge Player
Subscriber Quanto146532981681144017714 Dec '17 04:00Challenge Player
Subscriber JohnHG11066703063531114 Dec '17 03:59Challenge Player
Standard member smacknz8015946343332594214 Dec '17 03:58Challenge Player
Subscriber projectread89713083509223614 Dec '17 03:58Challenge Player
Standard member chopchop1382238109123614 Dec '17 03:57Challenge Player
Standard member CRG12191566489314 Dec '17 03:51Challenge Player
Standard member Louis the XV138910834455875114 Dec '17 03:49Challenge Player
Standard member wanderm12281757695414 Dec '17 03:45Challenge Player
Standard member sabirch11097223263831314 Dec '17 03:44Challenge Player
Standard member bluey441159564333224714 Dec '17 03:41Challenge Player
Standard member Eddy Onfroyp 12501798014 Dec '17 03:36Challenge Player
Standard member Cos Russo131332311298180313014 Dec '17 03:35Challenge Player
Standard member RStott1294233130832014 Dec '17 03:34Challenge Player

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