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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Chookyonline1027772651019 Sep '17 16:49Challenge Player
Subscriber buggadogonline115457132415308421419 Sep '17 16:48Challenge Player
Standard member grannywombat12186243083061019 Sep '17 16:29Challenge Player
Standard member bluey441142531320204719 Sep '17 16:21Challenge Player
Standard member bennyp12611828397219 Sep '17 16:00Challenge Player
Standard member Cos Russo140231561268176012819 Sep '17 15:54Challenge Player
Standard member Lodewyk130910706144441219 Sep '17 15:40Challenge Player
Standard member Peter Kingsley1587231014248196719 Sep '17 15:39Challenge Player
Standard member chopchop13541939593519 Sep '17 15:33Challenge Player
Standard member nitrolizard1029371136233219 Sep '17 15:28Challenge Player
Standard member scott tr1510273164107219 Sep '17 15:24Challenge Player
Subscriber palacista1737169690961417319 Sep '17 15:24Challenge Player
Subscriber entropy515412227108198516119 Sep '17 15:20Challenge Player
Standard member Mike Repacholi11472821611101119 Sep '17 15:14Challenge Player
Subscriber Dropkick Aaron1359874935319 Sep '17 15:09Challenge Player
Subscriber cricketman161814178175396119 Sep '17 15:02Challenge Player
Standard member Huey279644521872501519 Sep '17 15:00Challenge Player
Standard member andynguyen12313985712632882019 Sep '17 14:57Challenge Player
Standard member daddykool2810268483444851919 Sep '17 14:42Challenge Player
Subscriber SammyJ16801991108280310619 Sep '17 14:40Challenge Player
Standard member superdale14324292251941019 Sep '17 14:35Challenge Player
Standard member zsoltdownunder13967572754532919 Sep '17 14:32Challenge Player
Subscriber The Big Bishop168510396243664919 Sep '17 14:30Challenge Player
Standard member Stayupright129418858559547619 Sep '17 14:22Challenge Player
Standard member smacknz8015866233282554019 Sep '17 14:19Challenge Player
Standard member Dunky13623701901681219 Sep '17 14:14Challenge Player
Standard member Petrochess13099224743965219 Sep '17 14:14Challenge Player
Subscriber Greg Williams139515347157833619 Sep '17 14:03Challenge Player
Standard member pete7215914052521312219 Sep '17 14:02Challenge Player
Standard member kenny6212152671281291019 Sep '17 14:02Challenge Player

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