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Chess Player Directory for Scotland

Chess Player Directory for Scotland

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member D Marshallonline1197381819125 Sep '17 11:41Challenge Player
Standard member gp67p 11501339125 Sep '17 11:25Challenge Player
Standard member Profiteer123115284909776125 Sep '17 11:19Challenge Player
Standard member Academus17932307111798021025 Sep '17 11:17Challenge Player
Subscriber Stoic1174211036533638725 Sep '17 11:17Challenge Player
Subscriber suicidebishop124440281738207022025 Sep '17 11:10Challenge Player
Standard member friggle14591467270425 Sep '17 10:44Challenge Player
Standard member Ringway112977863374252425 Sep '17 10:43Challenge Player
Standard member dontdaremovethatking1154288159422384925 Sep '17 10:43Challenge Player
Standard member sidwtaupin8751223583425 Sep '17 10:38Challenge Player
Standard member IanTipton16945913911653525 Sep '17 10:34Challenge Player
Standard member ewan28180286625140820725 Sep '17 10:33Challenge Player
Standard member DONALDJACK127710034994881625 Sep '17 10:22Challenge Player
Subscriber Ian151726107157638311225 Sep '17 10:22Challenge Player
Subscriber bttnpshrx1408125995267656676625 Sep '17 10:20Challenge Player
Standard member KIO M14904813001612025 Sep '17 10:15Challenge Player
Subscriber rlsomga149047372412167764825 Sep '17 10:12Challenge Player
Standard member brichferil152118712753725 Sep '17 10:09Challenge Player
Standard member Macfadyenov11931656891625 Sep '17 09:56Challenge Player
Subscriber roma45154590124203423957025 Sep '17 09:54Challenge Player
Subscriber sardodos1390195298958962294925 Sep '17 09:54Challenge Player
Subscriber Bosk1312806993263601325 Sep '17 09:41Challenge Player
Standard member martin w1074242911391225 Sep '17 09:31Challenge Player
Standard member Ghengis Khan1211173110476354925 Sep '17 09:14Challenge Player
Subscriber Nimzovitch180438291648163554625 Sep '17 09:14Challenge Player
Standard member 10nachoman1013891397859225 Sep '17 09:06Challenge Player
Subscriber mciala136712455865778225 Sep '17 08:57Challenge Player
Subscriber catnap6421001145046919686272325 Sep '17 08:47Challenge Player
Standard member whuggie966513253253725 Sep '17 08:46Challenge Player
Standard member The Snapper15794012111682225 Sep '17 08:33Challenge Player

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