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Chess Player Directory for England

Chess Player Directory for England

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member AndyDoonline11613831921761525 Apr '18 04:21Challenge Player
Subscriber 3Rayonline109112375806124525 Apr '18 04:13Challenge Player
Standard member tonynuge1264168992965510525 Apr '18 04:08Challenge Player
Subscriber SirLurch15931051248034685102425 Apr '18 04:00Challenge Player
Subscriber BREXIT132322777142825 Apr '18 03:41Challenge Player
Standard member Danaar4951175228101124325 Apr '18 03:40Challenge Player
Subscriber lanepe On Vacation129514196627114625 Apr '18 03:18Challenge Player
Subscriber Mandos115846251904258513625 Apr '18 03:09Challenge Player
Subscriber Indonesia Phil166479533730215625 Apr '18 03:05Challenge Player
Standard member briantheref94511449243489367925 Apr '18 02:59Challenge Player
Standard member CHUFFLEY14858895762991425 Apr '18 02:47Challenge Player
Standard member Marrowman1335362411125 Apr '18 01:29Challenge Player
Standard member icthusmars123113479273576325 Apr '18 01:24Challenge Player
Standard member Steve4515217223882953925 Apr '18 01:23Challenge Player
Subscriber D1013115164122886320232425 Apr '18 01:13Challenge Player
Subscriber Elle O16352171113588215425 Apr '18 01:12Challenge Player
Subscriber cheeky135134791725162313125 Apr '18 00:52Challenge Player
Standard member The White Rider122912764328192525 Apr '18 00:51Challenge Player
Standard member Gnasher99914249324583948025 Apr '18 00:48Challenge Player
Standard member The Dark Destroyer179616814123425 Apr '18 00:34Challenge Player
Standard member yourmovecreep1858231127693525 Apr '18 00:34Challenge Player
Standard member Grant TheKing13178512995183425 Apr '18 00:33Challenge Player
Subscriber Sevensquare141110324585007425 Apr '18 00:17Challenge Player
Standard member Stuart19021188200369912267825 Apr '18 00:07Challenge Player
Subscriber LeylandTrek130614476557692325 Apr '18 00:04Challenge Player
Subscriber paul1140448322353224823124 Apr '18 23:56Challenge Player
Subscriber psychodiscokid95613045057742524 Apr '18 23:55Challenge Player
Standard member johnbirk7121123581210103711124 Apr '18 23:47Challenge Player
Standard member IceKnight157242262048184932924 Apr '18 23:38Challenge Player
Subscriber wonkiesboy13434343218520837524 Apr '18 23:37Challenge Player

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