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Chess Player Directory for Canada

Chess Player Directory for Canada

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Lukavichonline141037441273224622519 Sep '17 16:51Challenge Player
Subscriber Ian Prittieonline14288794333915519 Sep '17 16:51Challenge Player
Standard member Osbert of Ardenonline1463130056756716619 Sep '17 16:50Challenge Player
Standard member riedlhuberonline1568794332419 Sep '17 16:50Challenge Player
Subscriber Berniedrummondonline140627181329122516419 Sep '17 16:49Challenge Player
Standard member vbguyonline10921868794519 Sep '17 16:48Challenge Player
Standard member SmittyTimeonline1360212999310617519 Sep '17 16:46Challenge Player
Subscriber Mitchapolooza159719239539106019 Sep '17 16:46Challenge Player
Standard member sgolearyonline1579453411019 Sep '17 16:46Challenge Player
Subscriber Jonathan Schmidt172811897843149119 Sep '17 16:44Challenge Player
Standard member amit sudonline17675694211044419 Sep '17 16:43Challenge Player
Standard member agent33online129810033775448219 Sep '17 16:43Challenge Player
Standard member Big Showonline10527822914731819 Sep '17 16:42Challenge Player
Standard member caldon65online120615967347778519 Sep '17 16:42Challenge Player
Standard member DeltaSquareonline13976012362739219 Sep '17 16:42Challenge Player
Standard member symbolic142610405184903219 Sep '17 16:40Challenge Player
Standard member jeffb1011303168133219 Sep '17 16:40Challenge Player
Subscriber mischas160041061899198022719 Sep '17 16:39Challenge Player
Standard member PawnWood14604402281941819 Sep '17 16:39Challenge Player
Standard member matt20051498997919119 Sep '17 16:39Challenge Player
Subscriber Robert Huston1342974940819 Sep '17 16:39Challenge Player
Standard member jibbyjiwwa1409196143411219 Sep '17 16:38Challenge Player
Standard member Wayne Kroeker10735482422852119 Sep '17 16:37Challenge Player
Subscriber AttilaTheHorn1688124118770291173019 Sep '17 16:36Challenge Player
Standard member duckgallery14765062492441319 Sep '17 16:36Challenge Player
Standard member Timid weakling10164541922372519 Sep '17 16:34Challenge Player
Standard member mirror warrior12955952822753819 Sep '17 16:33Challenge Player
Standard member captaink1324212781012684919 Sep '17 16:29Challenge Player
Subscriber inukjuak146278883659356266719 Sep '17 16:28Challenge Player
Standard member chesston106427918390619 Sep '17 16:28Challenge Player

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