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Chess Player Directory for Bulgaria

Chess Player Directory for Bulgaria

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member gengata13359854664823725 Sep '17 10:51Challenge Player
Standard member BGmaster1850325263332925 Sep '17 10:12Challenge Player
Standard member jaguarbg15858542845026825 Sep '17 10:03Challenge Player
Standard member kromanyon16972371191031525 Sep '17 10:02Challenge Player
Standard member benchmark15357783353905325 Sep '17 09:59Challenge Player
Standard member mandarine184813148641925 Sep '17 09:42Challenge Player
Standard member Chopard1901231195211525 Sep '17 08:55Challenge Player
Standard member Pishman195419116881525 Sep '17 08:20Challenge Player
Standard member aleskov1797298236323025 Sep '17 08:11Challenge Player
Standard member vl11115614741912582525 Sep '17 07:51Challenge Player
Standard member kochev1452955933325 Sep '17 05:50Challenge Player
Standard member venci213321116673824 Sep '17 23:11Challenge Player
Standard member BOBI199112647373793401824 Sep '17 19:12Challenge Player
Standard member Vankata11551266461124 Sep '17 17:29Challenge Player
Standard member vancho12631236555324 Sep '17 17:25Challenge Player
Standard member I will try14593011641211624 Sep '17 14:29Challenge Player
Subscriber george19552389197139124624 Sep '17 06:20Challenge Player
Subscriber carlspring10531565618940724 Sep '17 01:20Challenge Player
Standard member NikChes2126247187362422 Sep '17 17:27Challenge Player
Standard member Zaynelov1525192111612022 Sep '17 16:03Challenge Player
Standard member bako8615573542391041121 Sep '17 05:23Challenge Player
Standard member The unreal17496533602435019 Sep '17 16:40Challenge Player
Standard member emil92161414833744219 Aug '17 13:34Challenge Player
Standard member ITSMERLIN1548325210981718 Aug '17 10:32Challenge Player
Standard member Gorov1661473512024 Jun '17 16:42Challenge Player
Standard member geopard210279667620 May '17 00:37Challenge Player
Standard member Sith Killer13076682873166507 May '17 05:47Challenge Player
Standard member erucsbo855308115192106 May '17 17:55Challenge Player
Standard member Bragolgirith1553260139982304 May '17 18:37Challenge Player
Standard member tigero143919811774713 Feb '17 09:40Challenge Player

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