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Chess Player Directory for Bulgaria

Chess Player Directory for Bulgaria

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member dssonline14896730271018 Aug '18 15:45Challenge Player
Standard member mandarine185916261772418 Aug '18 15:24Challenge Player
Standard member Iliyan Aleksiev 2157129225218 Aug '18 13:33Challenge Player
Standard member BOBI199112628614413922818 Aug '18 12:29Challenge Player
Standard member thewitchy14081477769118 Aug '18 10:48Challenge Player
Standard member bako8615414402911331618 Aug '18 10:37Challenge Player
Standard member I will try14233361751431818 Aug '18 03:43Challenge Player
Standard member kochev14351036337318 Aug '18 00:06Challenge Player
Standard member jaguarbg16109853305728317 Aug '18 19:58Challenge Player
Standard member kromanyon16462581281141617 Aug '18 16:44Challenge Player
Standard member NikChes2134257194382517 Aug '18 13:55Challenge Player
Standard member Zaynelov1575200118622017 Aug '18 13:16Challenge Player
Standard member vancho13621327257315 Aug '18 17:46Challenge Player
Subscriber george19552352220147195415 Aug '18 07:40Challenge Player
Standard member BGmaster1891378308383212 Aug '18 16:39Challenge Player
Standard member aleskov1845337266373412 Aug '18 16:38Challenge Player
Standard member Chopard1811272225281912 Aug '18 15:14Challenge Player
Subscriber carlspring105717276791041708 Aug '18 00:40Challenge Player
Standard member Pishman1945214187111614 Jul '18 18:38Challenge Player
Standard member venci2143218170103802 Jul '18 21:14Challenge Player
Standard member The unreal17906653682465120 May '18 12:52Challenge Player
Standard member nikopanov15236222843053326 Apr '18 13:20Challenge Player
Standard member benchmark15507983424015514 Apr '18 13:37Challenge Player
Standard member Vankata13251397662121 Mar '18 18:51Challenge Player
Standard member tigero150821212777801 Mar '18 22:43Challenge Player
Standard member kal79156759783490190158711 Feb '18 18:10Challenge Player
Standard member gengata142910314925003915 Dec '17 13:19Challenge Player
Standard member emil92161414833744219 Aug '17 13:34Challenge Player
Standard member Gorov1661473512024 Jun '17 16:42Challenge Player
Standard member geopard210279667620 May '17 00:37Challenge Player

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