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About tappa

Live in Co Wexford, Ireland. Retired, into gardening, walks, more gardening and trying to live within my means !!
I get bored easily so chess keeps the grey cells active. I will take skulls.
About 40 years ago I played No.1 board for British Telecomms in one of the London Leagues, can't remember my FIDE grading, but was County standard. Just so you know, in Ladder matches, I will normally take the max time allocated.
My chess bible is the book of Modern Chess Openings by Walter Korn, which I purchased back in 1972 - I dare say opening theory and analysis has improved since then ??
In May 2017 I reached the magic 2400 grading, back to what I was in the mid 1970s - it's only taken me seven hard years on this site to get my act together !!
Go mbeidh an tádh leat.

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