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About sbacat

I like GP's advice in the opening, Pardi's advice in the midgame, and Silman's in the endgame.

I'm highly unlikely to accept an offered draw unless the game is truly drawn.

My profile pic is Edison, our Irish Setter puppy, who is firmly convinced that he is in charge of the household. Who am I to argue with 80 pounds of teeth and muscle wrapped in cute?

Update: we had the opportunity to invite Edison's sister, Dove, into our home and I could literally not be happier. She is sweet beyond words. Profile pic updated: Eddie at the top and Dove at bottom.

Both went to the vet this week (4/27/18) and Eddie's 84 pounds; Dovey is 74. That's a lot of puppies! 🙂

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Octet IIIFast play open octetMuti open fast octetMUTI open fast play octetMUTI OPEN OCTETBanded Threesomes VMUTI FAST OCTET OPENMUTI open octet 2017MUTI open octetMUTI FAST OCTET OPENMUTI FAST OCTETFAST STRAIGHT SHOOT OUTmuTi 8/8 not as fastTOD Crazy Skulls 8 201612 in JuneMuti's fast 8Muti 12 players 1day move 3day bankMuTi octet8 in April againTOD Crazy Skulls 3 2016TOD Crazy Skulls 2 2016Multi March octetOld Benoni Mujannah formation Tournamentoctet no time bank12 players 1day move 3day banka fast 8valentine's day massacrevalentine's day massacreMUTI's tournament happy chimp strikes againoctet 1/0Dzindzikhashvili defence Tournamentsweet 16octet 1/0octet 1/0the big one for years endtime for octetQuartets IITOD Hardcore 30 2015TOD Hardcore 29 2015TOD RBHILL's Challenge: g6TOD RBHILL's Challenge: g5TOD RBHILL's Challenge: Na6TOD RBHILL's Challenge: Nc6one for RoxybromanceTOD Hardcore 23 2015TOD Crazy Skulls 30 2015TOD Crazy Skulls 27 2015MuTi fast one and noneMUTI FAST PLAY OCTET SEPTEMBER 2015MUTI FAST PLAY OCTET SEPTEMBER 2015muti open fast octet september 2015muti fast four waymuti fast duelmuti open fast octetMUTI fast open octet august 20155TOD Standard 5 2015TOD Crazy Skulls 23 2015MUTI banded under 2600 octetMUTI EASTER BUNNY OPENTOD Crazy Skulls 15 2015TOD Crazy Skulls 14 2015TOD Crazy Skulls 13 2015TOD Crazy Skulls 12 2015TOD Crazy Skulls 11 2015TOD Hardcore 11 2015TOD Hardcore 10 2015TOD Hardcore 9 2015TOD Hardcore 8 2015TOD Hardcore 7 2015MUTI QUICK QUICK OPEN OCTETMUTI QUICK OPEN OCTETMUTI 800th tournament open duoMUTI quick octetDurkin's attack TournamentMUTI open duel fast playMUTI open foursomes fast playMUTI open octet fast playTOD Hardcore 6 2015TOD Hardcore 4 2015TOD Hardcore 2 2015TOD Crazy skulls 5 2015TOD Crazy skulls 2 2015TOD Crazy skulls 1 2015MUTI fast open octet jan 2015TOD Crazy skulls 31 2014MUTI open duel december 2014MUTI open forsomes december 2014MUTI open octet december 2014MUTI open duel december 2014MUTI open foursomes december 2014MUTI open octet december 2014Hardcore Grand IIISmiffys winter tournament 2014MUTI HARDCORE OPEN OCTET november 2014MUTI open halloween octet october 2014TOD Crazy skulls 30 2014ICT OpenMUTI HARDCORE DUEL OPEN OCTOBER 2014MUTI HARDCORE FORSOMES OPEN OCTOBER 2014MUTI HARDCORE OCTET OPEN OCTOBER 2014MUTI open foursomes september 2014MUTI open octet september 2014MUTI fast open duo september 2014Hardcore Grand VMUTI speedy duel august 2014MUTI speedy four somes august 2014MUTI speedy octet august 2014MUTI open octet july 2014MUTI open octet fast speedHardcore Grand IIIMUTI under 2600 fast octet july 2014MUTI open fast play july 2014MUTI FAST PLAY OPEN JUNE 2014MUTI ultimate quick 2 times octet june 2014Bird's Opening, Swiss gambit Tournament open duelMUTI quick play open octet june 2014MUTI under 2600 quick on the drawQGD Slav Slav gambitGruenfeld gambit, Capablanca variationmuti open fast playGrand Split Three Seven IIIReti Opening Tournament muti openBird Hobbs gambitGrob Fritz gambitMini Duel IIBird From gambitBenko's Opening reversed AlekhineMini Duel IQueen's Gambit Declined IEvans gambit Stone-Ware variationKing's Gambit Thematic IMUTI ALPHABET 1N_NIMZOVITCH-LARSENMUTI ALPHABET 1M_MIESESMUTI ALPHABET 1J_JAENISCH GAMBITMUTI ALPHABET 1I_INDIANMUTI ALPHABET 1B_BIRD's OpeningBanded Octet IIIMini Duel IIIKGA Kieseritsky, Rice gambitPolish Tuebingen variationMUTI 1.c4 BANDED KO...RHPMUTI VENEZOLANA BANDED KNOCKOUT RHPMUTI DUNST/NOVOSIBIRSK OPENING...TRIOSMUTI RATINGS RESTRICTED RHP <1575fast moversMUTI IRISH (CHICAGO) GAMBIT ROUND ROBIN OPENOctet XIIMUTI 2011 <1600 FAST PLAYER ROUND ROBINMUTI 2011 <1900 TRIOSMUTI 2011 <1900 SINGLE ELIMINATION*Octet XIIOctet XVIIOctet VIIMini Banded DuelOctet XIGiuoco PianoOctet IOctet VIMini Quartets VIMini Quartets IOctet IIIOctet IOctet IIIMini Banded Duel IMini Banded Duel IOctet VI