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back from the dead... still kicking and taking skulls

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Tournament Entry Rating1224

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Average Rating016991794
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Opponent Average Rating016751665
Games Rated01934138
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Tournament Victories

Alekhine's defence Four pawns attackVulture defenceKGD Nimzovich counter-gambitWC Mexico Championship (3's)Scotch Goering gambitBird's Opening, Swiss gambitKing's gambit Octagon 1/0WC Kuwait Championship (3's)Grob Fritz gambitBird From gambitKing's gambit Octagon 1/0Bird's Opening, Swiss gambit Tournament under 2000 duelMUTI quick play octet june 2014MUTI quick play foursomes june 2014WC Chile Championship (4's)Two knights Max Lange attackScandinavian gambitScandinavian, Mieses-Kotrvc gambitmuti fast playersGrob Spike attackBird's Opening, Swiss gambit HARDCOREWC Northern Hemisphere ChallengeMUTI Play Your Own Hard CoreMUTI Lasker Simul SpecialQueen's Gambit Octagon KnockoutWelcome to the Jungle: Queen's gambit hardcore octagonSicilian Andreaschek gambitBlumenfeld counter-gambit May 13 XIIISingle Malt Scotch 9: Ghulam Kassim variationSingle Malt Scotch 8: Mieses variationDutch Staunton gambit deferred May 13 XIIIWC New Zealand Championship 2013 (2's)MUTI Furious OctetWC Japan Championship 2013 (2's)Fantastice French 5: Winawer, fingerslip variationKGD Nimzovich counter-gambit Mar 13 XIIIKing's Indian Danube gambit Mar 13 XIIIDanish gambit Mar 13MUTI SERIES RETI_V DUTCH BANDED KNOCKOUTQueen's pawn Charlick (Englund) gambit Jan 13 XIIIMUTI SIXTEEN PLAYER FAST PLAY BANDED KNOCKOUTWC England Championship 2013MUTI NIMZOVICH-LARSEN 1.b3 POLISHAbbondante di Sicilians 2:, Szen variation, Dely-Kasparov gambitVienna gambit Dec 12 XIIOctet VIIIKGA Muzio gambit Oct12WC switzerland Championship 2012Fiesta del Ruy Lopez 4: Ruy Lopez Exchange variation, Alapin gamFiesta del Ruy Lopez 2: Ruy Lopez MarshallMUTI SLOW PLAY BANDED THREESOMESMUTI FAST PLAY ROUNDROBIN QP BANDEDPhilidor Lopez counter-gambit Jul12WC Uruguay Championship 2012 ThreesomesWC Uruguay Championship 2012 DualBenko gambit half acceptedVienna gambit delight 6: Kaufmann variationVienna gambit delight 5: Wurzburger trapVienna gambit delight 2: Paulsen attackVienna gambit delight 1: Breyer variationRuy Lopez Marshall counter-attack IIMUTI NOT SO MUCH UNDERATED KNOCKOUT CHAMPIONSHIP BANDEDMUTI TERTIARY AUTO BANDED OCTETMUTI TROUBLING THEMATIC THREESOME #4: GLOBAL OPENINGMUTI RETI/KING'S INDIAN ATTACK/PACHMAN SYSTEM...FAST PLAYMUTI DOUBLE QUEENS' PAWN...RHP 1700-1950 BANDED KNOCKOUTMUTI DOUBLE KINGS' PAWN..RHP 1550-1875 BANDED THREESOMESHalloween gambit IIOctet XISprint Split IOctet VSPS TournamentSprint Split VIISPS Winter TournamentOctet VSPS 1V1 KO TournamentSPS Quickplay TournamentRapid Fire VGrand Split One Seven IIISPS Grouped RandomBig SPS Tournament.SPS Summer TournamentGrand Split One Seven ISPS Speed Demons TournamentSPS Speed Tournament 1/0SPS Speed TournamentGrouped Random VIDuel VIDuel IIISPS Club KnockoutsSprint Split XXVI