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14 Day Timeout Chess Ladder

14 Day Timeout Chess Ladder

Chess Ladders
PositionMonthPlayerRatingHistoryLast moveGames
10Subscriber tappa On Vacation2402Games24 Apr '18 12:45-Defending
20Subscriber c antunes2006Games21 Apr '18 14:32-Defending
30Standard member PA822444Games23 Apr '18 16:28-Defending
40Standard member LarryEM152129Games22 Apr '18 17:51-Defending
50Subscriber NN Cheap2147Games24 Apr '18 23:47-Defending
60Subscriber Apawnocalypse2006Games25 Apr '18 04:22-Defending
70Subscriber klopdisselboom1923Games24 Apr '18 10:19ChallengingDefending
80Subscriber Aspasia2102Games24 Apr '18 20:10ChallengingDefending
90Donation Quirine2044Games24 Apr '18 19:19ChallengingDefending
100Subscriber georgea1492Games24 Apr '18 22:39-Defending
110Subscriber gilaadm1704Games25 Apr '18 04:01-Defending
120Subscriber jonevery1817Games24 Apr '18 13:47ChallengingDefending
130Subscriber funkydunky712011Games24 Apr '18 21:48-Defending
140Subscriber beatlemania1802Games25 Apr '18 03:36-Defending
150Subscriber abalone2062Games25 Apr '18 02:47ChallengingDefending
160Subscriber chmrjg1700Games24 Apr '18 23:29Challenging-
17+7Subscriber shaptoni1837Games24 Apr '18 16:03ChallengingDefending
18-1Subscriber Caravan Man1454Games24 Apr '18 14:55ChallengingDefending
19-1Subscriber grandmasteryoda2171Games24 Apr '18 10:30Challenging-
20-1Subscriber yrddraig1975Games24 Apr '18 20:22ChallengingDefending
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This chess ladder has a 14 day timebank for all games.

Ladder positions are corrected every 15 minutes.