1. SubscriberPonderable
    22 Apr '05
    09 Jan '19 07:04
    @eye-of-horus said
    The Trump experience.

    He's the only one telling the truth.
    This would belong in the "Jokes" thread.
  2. SubscriberSuzianne
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    08 Aug '03
    10 Jan '19 07:47

    That you first make mention of the Dunning-Keuger effect and then immediately go on to give your debating skills a 9, is a sort of unaware self-awareness rarely so nakedly exposed, even in these forums.
  3. SubscriberGhost of a Duke
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    14 Mar '15
    13 Jan '19 09:12
    @duchess64 said

    Ghost of a Duke is another lying racist troll, full of prejudice and hate.
    Said by a ' lying racist troll, full of prejudice and hate.'
  4. Joined
    07 Feb '09
    09 Jan '19 19:26
    @whodey said
    Well if it takes to long to search vehicles then shut it down!

    I have come to the realization that the US is at war with Mexico. Think about it, 300 people a day die from drug, 90% of which, come across the border. In one year, that is more people that died in Vietnam, or did you not care about them either?

    No, pretty much every American now knows someone personally wh ...[text shortened]... death penalty for anyone caught trying to smuggle drugs that are killing 300 people a day in the US.
    2nd amendment kills about 300 people a day.
    Is that what you are talking about ?

    Let's cut the crap.
    To a lot of people, the wall will keep out the brown skinned people.
    The criminals will find a way in.

    Sandy Hook, Las Vegas massacre and numerous mass shootings.
    No national emergency !!

    Trump's tough guy image on the line ?
    National emergency !!

    Pretty much sums it up.
  5. Standard memberwolfgang59
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    09 Jun '07
    11 Jan '19 01:37
    @astalliana said
    If you do this please tell me why. You're wrong in every situation, but I'm just curious. Yes I am mad after my drive home today.
    If you are driving at anything less than +10 over the "speed limit" and I am
    in a hurry I have every right to drive right up behind you and harass you.

    And if you tailgate me BACK OFF. I'm going fast enough.
  6. Standard memberwolfgang59
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    09 Jun '07
    11 Jan '19 05:46
    @metal-brain said
    I think I play chess better than the average person, but that is a relative thing. I don't think I am all that good compared to a lot of people on here so I'd give myself a 6 or 7.
    I think my debating skills are better than that so I'll give myself a 9.
    Depends on the group.
    Considering general population.
    I'd give myself an 8 for chess.
    And a 5 for debating.

    On this forum.
    A 5 for chess.
    And an 8 for debating.
  7. SubscriberFMF
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    28 Oct '05
    11 Jan '19 11:02
    @philokalia said
    If someone has a supernatural story about a demon, and is utterly sincere in their belief, and has no history of mental defect or anything along these lines...

    How should they be engaged?

    Would you be able to respect another person who had a story that you did not believe occurred? Because, in the past, we have seen you refuse to modify language even in the slightest to convey a modicum of respect to others.
    I have been conducting myself with "respect". Look again at my posts on this thread.

    It feels a bit like you are stalking me, Philokalia.
  8. Standard membershavixmir
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    31 Jan '04
    11 Jan '19 13:20
    What the hell's wrong with this world?
    People are constantly demanding apologies. Especially on twitter.

    I've got a colleague who says it's millennials and their fractured egos. I don't know.
    All I know is there's a hell of a lot of whining about a whole load of nothing.

    Oh, so someone wrote something nasty, stupid, sexist, racist 12 years ago? DEMAND AN APOLOGY!

    Oh, so someone argues something that somebody doesn't like?

    And what's even more upsetting, is that these whining maggots are actually getting their apology. WTF?
    Oh, the twitter community is in uproar about something somebody said... Better apologise!

    What utter rubbish. Just tell the twitter community to go penetrate themselves; preferably with sharp and rusty objects.

  9. SubscriberGhost of a Duke
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    14 Mar '15
    13 Jan '19 09:08
    @edward-palamar said
    Finally, a bit of sanity.
    Something severely lacking in the OP.
  10. Subscriberno1marauder
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    22 Jun '04
    14 Jan '19 14:28
    @kazetnagorra said
    Yes, but again, what that meant back then was not what you would call "citizenship" now. Even a simple concept like a travel document was not widely used until the 20th Century. Borders were open to all but invading armies, and while people often identified with some kind of broader ethnic identity, you were the subject of whichever ruler happened to control the territor ...[text shortened]... mpaign to suppress regional cultures and languages, forging the French identity as we know it today.
    The US Constitution, written in 1787, three times mentions being a "citizen of the United States" as a requirement for various elected officials, mentions as a power of Congress "To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization" and establishes Federal judicial authority in legal disputes between "between a State and Citizens of another State;10 —between Citizens of different States, —between Citizens of the same State claiming Lands under Grants of different States, and between a State, or the Citizens thereof, and foreign States, Citizens or Subjects."

    So there was certainly a modern concept of "citizenship" on this side of the pond.
  11. Subscriberkmax87
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    09 Oct '04
    09 Jan '19 16:181 edit
    @eye-of-horus said
    They know the drugs are there based on the law of averages. Not all vehicles will be searched so some drugs get through. You cant possibly search every vehicle.
    They dont know the drugs are there they just assume that not all can be caught.

    The wall would help i believe.
    If you watched the Tom Cruise movie, American Pilot, about Barry Seal, a TWA commercial pilot, who ends up flying drugs for the Medellin Cartel, while the CIA turn a blind eye.
    Before he was killed, because he turned DEA informer, Barry Seal made $1.3 million dollars per flight.

    The point is, drugs into America is an industrial scale activity. If you really believe the volume of drugs required to supply the commerical demand of that trade can be satisfied by stragglers hiding a package or two in a border crossing then I think your belief in the power of the individual needs some recalibration.
  12. Joined
    04 Feb '05
    09 Jan '19 18:03
    Nobody knew healthcare is so complicated
  13. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    09 Jan '19 22:29
    Russia used to be a part (the largest republic) of the USSR, not the whole thing.
    Saying that Russia was the USSR would be like saying England is the UK.
  14. Joined
    07 Feb '09
    10 Jan '19 00:07
    @kmax87 said
    By admitting a concrete wall will not happen, is trump laying the groundwork for a final compromise virtual wall that is exactly like the current wall, part actual barrier, part natural barrier and part patrolled barrier.

    I've never seen a person so naturally flip their position as Trump who has gone from a concrete wall to a steel wall to suggesting that the Steel barrier ...[text shortened]... and pretty much drawn him a pretty concise picture of how real professionals operate in Washington.
    This is not about a wall to keep undesirables out.
    This is about a wall to keep his voter base in.
  15. Behind the scenes
    27 Jun '16
    10 Jan '19 07:432 edits
    From boasting about the size of his (you know what) on national television to releasing records of his high testosterone levels, President Trump’s rhetoric and behavior exude machismo. This behavior has appealed to insecure men on the most basic level. The political process provides a way that fragile men can reaffirm their masculinity. By supporting tough politicians and policies, men can reassure others (and themselves) of their own manliness.

    I've witnessed this myself folks, in watching and listening to these insecure creatures in barbershops, grocery stores, and elsewhere. The stereotypical Trump supporter is average height or less, boots with little elevator heels, 4 wheel drive pickup trucks with NRA stickers, complete with snarky little messages such as "you can have my gun, BULLETS FIRST!" They're frequently overweight, suffer from erectile dysfunction, and have trouble attracting women. Most Trump supporters here will deny this of course, but they deep down inside they know it's true.

    I feel sorry for them.


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