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  1. Standard member vivify
    12 Sep '17 04:44 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @chaney3
    Explain origin of life Ghost.

    Until you can, then creation of life dominates the absence of that answer.
    That's like saying until we know why the sun appears to move in the sky, Apollo pulling the sun via horse-drawn carriage dominates.

    Uncertainty isn't dominated by assertions with no evidence. Especially when much of those assertions (the Flood, man "returning" to dust, etc) have been proven false.
  2. Standard member Ghost of a Dukeonline
    Zen Master
    12 Sep '17 07:39
    Originally posted by @chaney3
    Explain origin of life Ghost.

    Until you can, then creation of life dominates the absence of that answer.
    I don't know how life started.

    'Wrongness' only creeps in when someone is unsatisfied with 'not knowing' and attempts to fill this void in knowledge with wild speculation. (Enter Chaney).
  3. Standard member mchill
    Green Lantern
    15 Sep '17 07:53 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by @shavixmir

    And he really is both sides of dumb and dumber.
    I've looked at Trump from both sides now,

    from Russia's and Mueller's and still somehow.

    He deserves impeachment as I recall,

    I really don't care about Trump at all...

    It's not as good as that old Judy Collins song, but it may very well fit.
  4. Standard member avalanchethecat
    Not actually a cat
    12 Sep '17 08:36
    Originally posted by @chaney3
    Wrong again!!
    My, you have a thick skull.
    So be it.

    I am on the side of creation, without knowing for certain who that Creator is.

    I have an open mind.
    Atheists have a closed mind.
    Your position is the very definition of a 'closed' mind; you refuse to accept the possibility that you may be wrong. The 'atheist belief' as you term it, is simply that the origin of life is unknown. That is the position of the 'open' mind; awaiting sufficient evidence to make a decision. I am an atheist, and I accept that there may or may not have been a creator. Do you see?
  5. Subscriber finnegan
    13 Sep '17 18:41
    Originally posted by @js357
    "Is it unreasonable, then, to expect that some man possessed of the loftiest genius, coupled with ambition sufficient to push it to its utmost stretch, will at some time spring up among us? And when such an one does, it will require the people to be united with each other, attached to the government and laws, and generally intelligent, to successfully frustrate his designs."
    Why does it require the loftiest genius? Seems too high a bar, somehow.
  6. Subscriber Suzianne On Vacation
    Misfit Queen
    15 Sep '17 23:42
    Originally posted by @freakykbh
    And in other news, bigoted fascist posts link allegedly decrying racist outrage over meaningless comic book.

    This is so much easier than it looks!
    Hey, stupid. The fascists are the ones upset about said comic book.
  7. 16 Sep '17 12:44 / 1 edit
    Tell me, Rusty, how are you able to speak for all of the members of the RHP community?

    I wouldn't have a clue if anyone but myself 'care' about your pointless meanderings
  8. Subscriber finnegan
    18 Sep '17 18:54
    Originally posted by @athousandyoung
    Thanks. My Adblocker excludes me from Business Insider but other hits with Google included

    "As the world turns to the hard right, one man has become a figure of hate for resurgent nationalists across the globe: Soros has become the No 1 target for the alt-right – a figure central to wild conspiracy theories – because nationalists want to destroy for good the idea that democracy or liberal values can be promoted, or encouraged."

    I think as time goes by it will be increasingly apparent that fascism really is back on the march and the USA in particular has a powerful fascist movement. What is less clear is how effectively they will be opposed and how strong American democracy well prove itself to be in the face of a well resourced and organised threat.
  9. Subscriber Very Rusty
    Treat Everyone Equal
    12 Sep '17 00:04
    Originally posted by @fmf
    KellyJay sometimes makes mind reading capabilities unnecessary by delivering messages via posts addressed to other people in a passive aggressive way. I've seen him 'communicate' his thoughts in this way about posters like myself, Rajk999, twhitehead, divegeester and others. Posters he has otherwise blanked out.

    So, you haven't said: do you want me to start ...[text shortened]... conversation along, would you prefer me just to treat you like KellyJay has decided to treat me?

    I find it very amusing you would think ANYONE concerned about you blanking them out.

    Do you think you are that IMPORTANT???...>LOL<...

  10. Subscriber finnegan
    12 Sep '17 00:54 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @vivify
    So you're comparing the federal government of Cuba to a state government? How is that not a limp argument?

    No one is saying that hurricane preparedness in the U.S. doesn't need to be greatly improved; that was quite obvious after Katrina. But it doesn't seem to make sense to compare the Cuban government's actions to that of a U.S. state---especially one ...[text shortened]... filled with different types of members who must decide democratically how to allocate resources.
    A country with 5% of the world's population and 25% of the world's prisoners is not in a strong position to start up this type of abuse. When 97% of convictions take place without a defence and without a fair trial, you are not impressing anyone with this type of blather. The political prisoners in the USA just get framed with criminal charges and your country silences opposition as viciously as any dictatorship on the planet.

    The allocation of resources in American politics is not, as you know, the product of a healthy democratic process, but the corrupt outcome of competition among vested interests. The whole point of the comparison is that Cuba's approach specifically to hurricanes is based on the needs and the welfare of the people, it does engage the people very fully and has their passionate support. The fact that Cubans have major and important issues with their government does not mean they are crying out to be trapped into American style neoliberalism. The world does not divide nicely into USA = freedom and the rest of the world = tyranny. In too many ways the USA is a smelly armpit with a depressingly foul political system.

    The fact remains that it is, on the face of it, interesting to consider the successful methods adopted in Cuba and to contemplate the possibility of learning from that. This would be possible in a rational and open minded discussion without descending into ideological trench warfare. Besides, you are not on strong grounds for the latter.
  11. Standard member shavixmir
    Guppy poo
    12 Sep '17 04:03
    Originally posted by @whodey
    I think you will find that many left winged people have misplaced concerns, like how not to offend people by uttering the words, "Islamic terrorism", just like Barak Obama.
    Oh, I firmly believe very few people think I'm overly concerned about insulting people...

    You should be concerned about your education system not explaining true history or attempting to peddle creationism as science.
  12. Subscriber finnegan
    12 Sep '17 09:47
    Originally posted by @joe-shmo
    I am absolutely appalled by the lack of ethnic diversity in these crowds in the aftermath of Irma.


    And Here:

    And Again...Here:
    ...[text shortened]... s claimed them!


    Who did you imagine would go looting - the white middle class?

    Correlating skin colour with criminality is a mug's game in the USA. It's also a circular piece of logic. Racist Florida selects people for poverty and excludes thrm from opportunity on the basis of skin colour. Racist Florida polices its community on the basis of skin colour. Racist Florida makes it harder for Blacks to engage in the political process. What do you expect would be the result? Political activism? Not when your police system decapitates the Black community, targetting potential political leaders in the Black community. Not when your education system screws with their heads.

    You are right to be concerned.

    You should be concerned that social structures fall apart so readily on occasions when, in other countries, and notably in Cuba a few hundred miles to the south of Florida, shared vulnerability to natural disaster brings people together in a shared, socially cohesive response, supporting each other as a matter of course.

    You should be concerned that the US has chosen, as a matter of fixed ideology, to continually increase levels of inequality and to make it increasingly difficult for those in poverty (which is imposed by the economic system, it is a structural part of the system) to sustain a decent life.

    And you should be concerned that selection for poverty and exclusion is based on skin colour. Racism is deployed to split and emasculate working class politics.

    How do you expect Black people to respond to systematic racist abuse? By being meek and submissive? No, in capitalist society the poor dig ther own graves. They are aggressive, they are law breakers, they are disorderly, they are self harming on every level as they are demoralized by daily racism.

    Why does a white supremacist jerk like you even imagine you have a position to take pride in this situation? It is shameful and reflects on your racist values and the racist values of Florida and the US generally.

    Yes you should be appalled at the lack of diversity. In London there would be poor white kids in the mix. If there are none in Florida, then that tells you something about how successfully your country has racialised class issues and screwed with your heads.
  13. Subscriber KellyJay
    Walk your Faith
    12 Sep '17 09:54
    Originally posted by @eladar
    Racism is not listed as a sin. Jesus was a racist. He called a woman a dog because she was not Jewish.

    Racism in itself must not be sinful.

    It is sinful to modern culture but God doesn't care about that.
    Racism is putting one above another based upon race. The woman you were referring too
    due to her faith ended up getting exactly what she came to Jesus for. The fact that God
    used a race to bring Christ into the world is NOT an endorsement of racism, it only shows
    us that God keeps His promises.

    In scripture we are told that that all the things we used to divide ourselves no longer
    matter, in Christ we are all the same. God entered the human race by selecting a man
    and creating a race through Him, so through that race, He would make promises, and
    in that race Jesus came. So now those things that once divided us are done away in

    Galatians 3:28
    There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
  14. Subscriber KellyJay
    Walk your Faith
    12 Sep '17 10:50
    Originally posted by @eladar
    Find one verse that directly condemns it.
    Matthew 22:39
    And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
  15. Standard member Hand of Hecate
    Angry Bastard
    12 Sep '17 11:52
    Originally posted by @sonhouse
    How does it feel to be reviled here? You don't have many friends anywhere on Earth it seems. Your little tirade against me didn't go very far did it?
    Ha! You're universally known to be as dumb as dish water. A "sonhousism" has actually become a word. Surely you realize this?