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No boards to set up, no pieces to lose, just start a game and play chess. We record every move, and you can return to your game whenever it's convenient.

Playing chess online offers a fun alternative to traditional methods of play, such as over-the-board(OTB) play where players sit down together at a board, or 'snail mail' based correspondence chess(CC).

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A great way to play chess when at home or at work. Enjoy your games without the pressure of a fast-ticking clock. Games can be started with a wide variaty of time controls to suit everyone, from those who can play multiple times a day to those who can only move at weekends.

If you would like to play more games, no problem, you can play 12 chess games all at once. Subscribers can play as many as they can handle. And you can also play blitz chess between moves.

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When you are away from the site, we let you know it's your turn to move by sending an optional move notification email. All emails provide a link so you can jump right back to your waiting game.

If you preter to use our Android app, we can alert you that a game needs your attention right on your phone.

An online chess community

Play chess online with your friends or with other members

When you want to play chess, we have someone for you to play. At any time. A true global community guarantees games are being started and played 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So when you want a game, either challenge an active opponent, or create an open invite games, and you will be playing soon after.

Play in chess tournaments, chess ladders and team play. And it's not all about playing games, Chess At Work also has active an chess forum, blogs, chess clubs and study tools.

Chess Blogs

Veteran blogger greenpawn34 takes a look at some of the more interesting games played on the site.

The Backward Facing Knight and Lolli

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Updated 25 Sep '18

Blitz Chess

Waiting for your move during correspondence play? It is now possible to play real-time speed chess or blitz chess on the Chess At Work.

Site News Forum

Stay up-to-date with what is happening in the community and on the site

Only Chess Forum

Of the many forums available, this is for chess and only chess

Games Explorer

Browse the millions of games played on this service by move popularity.

Moves of the Pieces

Beginners tutorial on the moves of the chess pieces.

Openings Library

An extensive library of chess openings to study.

Grandmaster Games Database

Searchable grandmaster games archive.

Chess Puzzles

Solve thousands of chess puzzles, or submit your own to challenge the community.

FEN Viewer

Set a chess board from a board position in Forsyth-Edwards Notation.