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Joined 14 Jan '10
Last Moved 24 Apr '14
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About blueimann

I'm an American living in Beijing, China. I've been in China since 2006. I live a full and grand life full of pleasure and every dream I dream come true and the only thing or way to enhance my life beyond this is playing Chess. Even though I spend an hour sometimes on a move, (Explains my average low score that is high for me!) I still don't seem to be making any progress. But I'll figure it out sooner or later. So in reality my life is So-So mostly because most days I lose playing Chess, but on the other days I feel the greatness of life completely and can't be any happier as when winning! Update… Last June I mated another player on my second move playing black!

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Games Played 432
Rated 430
Won 269
Lost 153
Drawn 10
In Progress 6
Moves 13146
Moves This Month 268
Rating 1566
Highest Rating (Last 365 Days) 1589
Tournament Entry Rating 1577
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Rated Games
267 (62%)153 (36%)
W/D/L As White234
147 (63%)80 (34%)
W/D/L As Black196
120 (61%)73 (37%)
Played By Color430
234 (54%)196 (46%)
Won By Color267
147 (55%)120 (45%)
Lost By Color153
80 (52%)73 (48%)
Drawn By Color10
7 (70%)3 (30%)
Wins by timeout 25 (9.36%)
Losses by timeout 1 (0.65%)
Historical90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating158915891589
Average Rating157215091372
Lowest Rating154713881190
Opponent Avg. Rating123613001281
Games Rated2472430
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