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14 Day Timeout Ladder

14 Day Timeout Ladder

Chess Ladder - 14 Day Timeout

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This ladder has a 14 day timebank for all games.

Ladder positions are corrected every 15 minutes.

PositionMonthPlayerRatingHistoryLast moveGames
10Subscriber Hardesty Paladino1964Games23 Apr '14 14:11-Defending
20Subscriber backfrom19942149Games20 Apr '14 16:57-Defending
30Subscriber c antunes2023Games23 Apr '14 16:29-Defending
4+1Subscriber ifalfio1672Games23 Apr '14 20:49-Defending
5-1Subscriber Shelrock571561Games24 Apr '14 05:06Challenging-
60Subscriber mdhall1656Games23 Apr '14 22:51-Defending
70Subscriber TimmyBx1948Games24 Apr '14 00:02--
80Subscriber Quanto1459Games24 Apr '14 09:31-Defending
90Subscriber chmrjg1648Games24 Apr '14 11:09ChallengingDefending
100Subscriber sameeh1541Games23 Apr '14 17:36ChallengingDefending
110Subscriber Excalibur1618Games23 Apr '14 21:22ChallengingDefending
120Subscriber jonevery1796Games17 Apr '14 16:32ChallengingDefending
130Subscriber jankrb2187Games24 Apr '14 08:50Challenging-
140Subscriber LarryEM151996Games16 Apr '14 02:32ChallengingDefending
150Standard member kes292173Games23 Apr '14 23:23--
160Subscriber musirapha1810Games24 Apr '14 00:19ChallengingDefending
170Standard member MacErik2142Games19 Apr '14 13:51-Defending
180Subscriber WaydeS1873Games24 Apr '14 04:38ChallengingDefending
19+1Subscriber beatlemania1548Games24 Apr '14 03:22ChallengingDefending
20+1Subscriber brit commando1543Games24 Apr '14 10:22-Defending
Monthly position improvedRemained the sameFellPlayer leaving ladder