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buddhism2930 Apr '17 16:33apathistGhost of a Duke
Dont be too hard on yourself II4330 Apr '17 14:33Rajk999sonhouse
Don't be too hard on yourself14630 Apr '17 14:12sonshipRajk999
So it looks like people NEED the religion scam.10430 Apr '17 13:49sonhousesonhouse
Without faith it is impossible to please God ..1630 Apr '17 11:57Rajk999KellyJay
Russia: Witnesses a terrorist group21130 Apr '17 10:09robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Punishment22430 Apr '17 09:10chaney3FMF
Robbie: fancy a meet up?5229 Apr '17 07:18divegeesterdivegeester
Miracles9329 Apr '17 06:41667joeFMF
no title1829 Apr '17 01:04apathistkaroly aczel
sonhouse vs sonship929 Apr '17 00:53apathistkaroly aczel
meditation229 Apr '17 00:32apathistkaroly aczel
Calling Impartial Atheists3928 Apr '17 10:46Rajk999Rajk999
Happy Ishtar !!5827 Apr '17 23:33caissad4karoly aczel
Helps on Reading the Bible10926 Apr '17 21:08sonshipKellyJay
Death Cafés2526 Apr '17 09:58FMFCalJust
i have no fear of death3226 Apr '17 00:40apathistkaroly aczel
Passion of the Christ4325 Apr '17 23:42vivifyKellyJay
Two Views of Human Government16725 Apr '17 19:53sonshipFMF
Why are Christians so secretive ?11725 Apr '17 18:26Rajk999divegeester
religion is an expression of fear2925 Apr '17 12:21apathistsonship
What do you think they are talking about?8025 Apr '17 00:44KellyJayEladar
Why are Christians so secretive II ?4524 Apr '17 23:57Rajk999Suzianne
Pope says big bang and evolution are real1724 Apr '17 23:55shavixmirwolfgang59
Who Owns Truth Anyway ?36224 Apr '17 13:15sonshipsonship
most christians do not read the bible18023 Apr '17 19:47apathistFMF
John 17:13-204723 Apr '17 00:27FMFFMF
I am the donkey6322 Apr '17 14:37roigamRajk999
426122 Apr '17 00:06KellyJayRajk999
God and Trump7620 Apr '17 10:19667joeFMF