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Clubs Public

Clubs Public

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For vivify317 Nov '16 11:56divegeesterPonderable
Joining of clubs207 Aug '16 18:35rjaSteve45
Active Clubs521 Jul '16 20:38mwmillerLEUR
1 v. 442106 Mar '16 05:13patrickrutgerspatrickrutgers
Girls Nite Out...Chess club529 Feb '16 15:19BrianaCPonderable
Basic questions about clubs727 Feb '16 13:31mwmillervenda
Club game question401 Feb '16 10:29mwmillervenda
Popeye The Sailor Man CLUB706 Nov '15 16:58LEURDukeOfEuphony
Grateful Dead Club206 Jul '15 00:18FMFnimzophysh
A Trillian Games730 May '15 14:08dontpanic11pikejohn
Club tournaments adjustment209 Jan '15 21:53CostadCostad
What use are clubs?906 Jan '15 21:33KewpieLEUR
Howdy529 Nov '14 16:44pikejohnpikejohn
Smiffys pawn stars club1225 Nov '14 22:50SmiffySmiffy
Hellenic Chess Spirit222 Nov '14 20:44astakos71venda
1200-1600 Club717 Nov '14 15:46Blou KoosPonderable
Wow812 Nov '14 23:41divegeesterTrev33
Club tournaments adjustment117 Oct '14 06:53CostadCostad
Team administrators106 Aug '14 15:03pikejohnpikejohn
You Do Not Know What You Have Been Missing108 Jul '14 20:08LEURLEUR
Zimbabwe Club - Members needed405 Jun '14 00:37ninepawnsninepawns
Tournamnet help211 May '14 17:22pikejohnPonderable
Members needed please join207 May '14 15:04neil666Ponderable
Looking for a good game?109 Apr '14 15:31pikejohnpikejohn
Higher Rated players only103 Apr '14 16:13pikejohnpikejohn
Maybe Masters? needs a few more members131 Mar '14 15:06pikejohnpikejohn
Maybe Masters?329 Mar '14 14:24pikejohnpikejohn
The Tao of Chess108 Mar '14 20:20huckleberryhoundhuckleberryhound
knights of the round table club recrutment105 Mar '14 07:38MUNGAAMUNGAA
"Camelot Oasis in Space"2126 Feb '14 05:11Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby