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Clans Challenge

Clans Challenge


Kiwi Clan vs Chessaroos

Kiwi ClanvsChessaroos
Nomoredoc1779draw1183Oleg Margolin
Nomoredoc1779black win1183Oleg Margolin
alastair nicoll1693white win1363Wespackacone
alastair nicoll1693draw1363Wespackacone
aga31495white win1552havastar
aga31495black win1552havastar
Chris S1302black win1118woolleys01
Chris S1302white win1118woolleys01
4Games Won2
8Gross Points0
8Net Points-8

'Kiwi Clan' wins.

8 points awarded to winner.

8 of 8 games scored for this challenge.

This challenge result contributed to the 2012 challenge table.

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