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Clans Challenge

Clans Challenge


CPU (Chess Players United) vs In Vino Veritas

CPU (Chess Players United)vsIn Vino Veritas
odie841black win1398Chippy Minton
odie841draw1398Chippy Minton
TK801148white win1081honus
TK801148black win1081honus
Andy Casey1268white win940KJCavalier
Andy Casey1268black win940KJCavalier
HFRJPcheck1719black win1563breakerofwind
HFRJPcheck1719white win1563breakerofwind
4Games Won3
8Gross Points0
8Net Points-8

'CPU (Chess Players United)' wins.

8 points awarded to winner.

8 of 8 games scored for this challenge.

This challenge result contributed to the 2012 challenge table.

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