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Clans Challenge

Clans Challenge


BEER CLAN!!! ( vs no clan

BEER CLAN!!! ( clan
Woltato2106black win2044Paul Leggett
Woltato2106draw2044Paul Leggett
min371583white win1159Beseder
min371583black win1159Beseder
Nietzsche18441561white win1347Banfieldspawn
Nietzsche18441561black win1347Banfieldspawn
TalonBoss1268white win1341Ponderable
TalonBoss1268black win1341Ponderable
dmoses1445black win1353philran
Doctor Gonzo842black win1254mochiron
Doctor Gonzo842white win1254mochiron
mumarkz1097white win1155Scotty70
mumarkz1097white win1155Scotty70
Bodiea1059white win1195SmookieP
Bodiea1059black win1195SmookieP
olegson924black win918honus
olegson924white win918honus
dirtycajun1173black win898JimD
dirtycajun1173white win898JimD
monkeyear1261black win1020dlajoie
10Games Won9
22Gross Points0
22Net Points-22

'BEER CLAN!!! (' wins.

22 points awarded to winner.

22 of 22 games scored for this challenge.

This challenge result contributed to the 2012 challenge table.

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