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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Jon Stubbsonline137621136225 Jul '17 12:45Challenge Player
Standard member El Barononline158411896864436025 Jul '17 12:44Challenge Player
Subscriber Terryh7online11199984465341825 Jul '17 12:44Challenge Player
Standard member gouldjonline12782949141014489125 Jul '17 12:44Challenge Player
Subscriber bobbypopsonline171411696714039525 Jul '17 12:43Challenge Player
Standard member DaveMillsonline11389204134644325 Jul '17 12:42Challenge Player
Subscriber pineapple421341106794365553378125 Jul '17 12:42Challenge Player
Standard member Blood On The Tracksonline1395279154122325 Jul '17 12:42Challenge Player
Standard member mrbluetoneonline13361406172725 Jul '17 12:42Challenge Player
Subscriber tampermanonline119764972496379920225 Jul '17 12:42Challenge Player
Standard member mrshogionline183555563421158954625 Jul '17 12:42Challenge Player
Standard member FellatioNelson1453382610225 Jul '17 12:40Challenge Player
Standard member Christopher Albononlinep 117619513125 Jul '17 12:40Challenge Player
Standard member Chalkie28online12758343724253725 Jul '17 12:40Challenge Player
Subscriber Tony39online1350662836225 Jul '17 12:40Challenge Player
Subscriber lauseyonline16332131106296910025 Jul '17 12:40Challenge Player
Subscriber marrekshionline12124141852151425 Jul '17 12:38Challenge Player
Standard member foxconline15093061771121725 Jul '17 12:38Challenge Player
Standard member tashfordonline88911504337061125 Jul '17 12:38Challenge Player
Standard member Greenpaulonline1224894049025 Jul '17 12:37Challenge Player
Subscriber Crossy Foxonline128622148025 Jul '17 12:37Challenge Player
Standard member jr007rogonline12373401791451625 Jul '17 12:37Challenge Player
Subscriber Rockfelonline153512706246093725 Jul '17 12:36Challenge Player
Standard member Ed Kainyekonline14574522112271425 Jul '17 12:36Challenge Player
Subscriber Acresdaonline14965992992722825 Jul '17 12:36Challenge Player
Standard member ravindave02online16422841167379237625 Jul '17 12:35Challenge Player
Donation rigidwithfear141865743258285945725 Jul '17 12:34Challenge Player
Standard member shrew13392879149513137125 Jul '17 12:33Challenge Player
Standard member lhabib15526153522412225 Jul '17 12:33Challenge Player
Standard member TRP4013537543923362625 Jul '17 12:33Challenge Player

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