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Chess Player Directory for Sweden

Chess Player Directory for Sweden

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber chrekh1439103805682435734130 Mar '17 21:46Challenge Player
Standard member mr kane14689034474243230 Mar '17 21:45Challenge Player
Subscriber Mr Forest125659903000262836230 Mar '17 21:35Challenge Player
Standard member luddeq2158197122235230 Mar '17 21:25Challenge Player
Subscriber chr65016658274623164930 Mar '17 20:56Challenge Player
Standard member Cristian Nitu1489917912030 Mar '17 20:44Challenge Player
Standard member sbostrom126925168130 Mar '17 20:14Challenge Player
Standard member Goranmjolby149611376424405530 Mar '17 20:12Challenge Player
Standard member klatjoffs144910257581907730 Mar '17 20:08Challenge Player
Standard member Erik The Viking1269954937930 Mar '17 19:54Challenge Player
Standard member schalturtjik16747114242404730 Mar '17 19:50Challenge Player
Subscriber FireofGod128026381061135821930 Mar '17 19:36Challenge Player
Subscriber ulferik126556392343318511130 Mar '17 19:36Challenge Player
Standard member Torbjorn Molvig1603574012530 Mar '17 19:28Challenge Player
Standard member noe41681268183661930 Mar '17 19:17Challenge Player
Standard member remtoli15011489544930 Mar '17 19:14Challenge Player
Standard member Goult14661147039530 Mar '17 18:43Challenge Player
Subscriber TGN18738935073345230 Mar '17 18:09Challenge Player
Standard member jstipo200910757331730 Mar '17 17:43Challenge Player
Standard member fm46903621249130 Mar '17 17:40Challenge Player
Subscriber tramper17192525132398921330 Mar '17 17:11Challenge Player
Standard member Megakvant1489684720130 Mar '17 16:18Challenge Player
Standard member Soolo1578281166991630 Mar '17 15:28Challenge Player
Standard member Permov12907073423531230 Mar '17 14:02Challenge Player
Standard member Per Madsen1306611304300730 Mar '17 13:56Challenge Player
Standard member daka200014808004832764130 Mar '17 13:20Challenge Player
Standard member Drabanten162815885522130 Mar '17 13:04Challenge Player
Subscriber jello6510509483296041530 Mar '17 12:44Challenge Player
Standard member Hadzo Mujnovic16943391911143430 Mar '17 09:15Challenge Player
Standard member Niclas Strand17435123111604130 Mar '17 09:10Challenge Player

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