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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Like Bullonline14498655472833525 Jul '17 12:46Challenge Player
Subscriber buggadogonline111255342346298520325 Jul '17 12:45Challenge Player
Standard member rwyburdonline108810653986491825 Jul '17 12:44Challenge Player
Standard member Th3Gh0Stonline108538929025 Jul '17 12:43Challenge Player
Standard member Michael Bertramonline1023401223170825 Jul '17 12:41Challenge Player
Standard member CrimsonRookonline1363442716125 Jul '17 12:40Challenge Player
Standard member boriskrolonline167497034150812125 Jul '17 12:40Challenge Player
Standard member smacknz80online15216133212524025 Jul '17 12:40Challenge Player
Subscriber SammyJonline16711981107580010625 Jul '17 12:38Challenge Player
Standard member CATAN11411818495225 Jul '17 12:36Challenge Player
Standard member Petrochess12389064633915225 Jul '17 12:34Challenge Player
Subscriber palacista1712166688960617125 Jul '17 12:33Challenge Player
Standard member Stephen Pearson8677091515471125 Jul '17 12:33Challenge Player
Standard member Waldemar13406462463772325 Jul '17 12:32Challenge Player
Standard member Cos Russo137630911240172512625 Jul '17 12:30Challenge Player
Subscriber bowie712413750175619484625 Jul '17 12:28Challenge Player
Subscriber scrappie186015799515428625 Jul '17 12:28Challenge Player
Standard member scrappy1821460297164124925 Jul '17 12:27Challenge Player
Subscriber shougi14698094153702425 Jul '17 12:26Challenge Player
Subscriber Red House169150202551217129825 Jul '17 12:26Challenge Player
Standard member TimBender14389945044335725 Jul '17 12:25Challenge Player
Standard member dnimon14567633364111625 Jul '17 12:22Challenge Player
Standard member daddykool2810538253404681725 Jul '17 12:17Challenge Player
Standard member ellsa138910354715313325 Jul '17 12:16Challenge Player
Standard member Peter Kingsley1554227613988116725 Jul '17 12:15Challenge Player
Subscriber rod price2006140011581628025 Jul '17 12:11Challenge Player
Standard member dickkyboy124712766466032725 Jul '17 12:11Challenge Player
Standard member The Pillager125335181553162434125 Jul '17 12:09Challenge Player
Standard member kiwipyc141611526764482825 Jul '17 12:08Challenge Player
Standard member Nathan B10475792493131725 Jul '17 12:08Challenge Player

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