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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Quanto141929111487126416022 Jan '17 16:11Challenge Player
Subscriber buggadogonline122449842129267118422 Jan '17 16:02Challenge Player
Subscriber yosemite54165926166422 Jan '17 15:54Challenge Player
Standard member daddykool2811447563204211522 Jan '17 15:51Challenge Player
Subscriber radioactive69157217858408826322 Jan '17 15:40Challenge Player
Standard member Athena197980922134179822 Jan '17 15:30Challenge Player
Subscriber Gary Kleiman15174282261792322 Jan '17 15:21Challenge Player
Standard member scott tr136822813393222 Jan '17 15:21Challenge Player
Standard member kram1950p 1200310222 Jan '17 15:19Challenge Player
Standard member dpgiles957222951116754322 Jan '17 15:04Challenge Player
Standard member davox14225813022592022 Jan '17 14:52Challenge Player
Standard member dexter67147312166705291722 Jan '17 14:49Challenge Player
Standard member RStott1296196112661822 Jan '17 14:40Challenge Player
Standard member KingOfKings108017367101522 Jan '17 14:34Challenge Player
Standard member Huey2711093801642021422 Jan '17 14:31Challenge Player
Subscriber Kewpie107275583586377220022 Jan '17 14:28Challenge Player
Standard member superdale1351403212186522 Jan '17 14:24Challenge Player
Standard member bluey441178446282159522 Jan '17 14:03Challenge Player
Standard member Waratah123420612183222 Jan '17 13:46Challenge Player
Standard member Mike Repacholi1231262155971022 Jan '17 13:33Challenge Player
Subscriber SammyJ16521949105978510522 Jan '17 13:32Challenge Player
Subscriber bundydog16138516616669455022 Jan '17 13:23Challenge Player
Standard member francouno1356160712673004022 Jan '17 13:17Challenge Player
Standard member Pstotty152612274351322 Jan '17 13:15Challenge Player
Subscriber The Big Bishop178710086093524722 Jan '17 13:12Challenge Player
Standard member Cos Russo135028781157160112022 Jan '17 13:09Challenge Player
Standard member shaffs00713699634644673222 Jan '17 12:56Challenge Player
Standard member Jennyjigsaw1212563124122 Jan '17 12:52Challenge Player
Subscriber kingbaz2115042781944221112322 Jan '17 12:46Challenge Player
Standard member pete7215253852401242122 Jan '17 12:41Challenge Player

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