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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber kingdogonline12636455381525568430 Mar '17 22:35Challenge Player
Standard member wernejoonline995621642430 Mar '17 22:34Challenge Player
Standard member gibbsyonline98910412787313230 Mar '17 22:32Challenge Player
Subscriber The Big Bishoponline171510196133584830 Mar '17 22:32Challenge Player
Standard member Cos Russoonline132029581179165912030 Mar '17 22:31Challenge Player
Standard member grannywombatonline1318563284274530 Mar '17 22:29Challenge Player
Standard member Sir Ponline136212937525172430 Mar '17 22:29Challenge Player
Subscriber cricketmanonline158513317675046030 Mar '17 22:28Challenge Player
Standard member JohngMiller14513221481591530 Mar '17 22:24Challenge Player
Standard member Maustrauser11602245106010998630 Mar '17 22:22Challenge Player
Subscriber patisfat97715244909795530 Mar '17 22:12Challenge Player
Standard member Kingy1211301777798230 Mar '17 22:11Challenge Player
Standard member Lodewyk127710355924331030 Mar '17 22:10Challenge Player
Standard member KenHorsley16194012221453430 Mar '17 22:08Challenge Player
Subscriber kb5133019689789187230 Mar '17 22:03Challenge Player
Subscriber Quanto145630471553132716730 Mar '17 22:03Challenge Player
Standard member karoly aczel12342103903108511530 Mar '17 22:02Challenge Player
Standard member Void1110754542202221230 Mar '17 22:01Challenge Player
Standard member markoskyblue13161116642330 Mar '17 21:53Challenge Player
Standard member billmack11701185463130 Mar '17 21:50Challenge Player
Subscriber JohnHG1079601273319930 Mar '17 21:50Challenge Player
Subscriber scrappie186515539365348330 Mar '17 21:50Challenge Player
Subscriber ChrisVicAU168324871356100912230 Mar '17 21:45Challenge Player
Standard member francouno1461168413243194130 Mar '17 21:45Challenge Player
Standard member krj777113419810491330 Mar '17 21:45Challenge Player
Standard member Rocoll1391290178961630 Mar '17 21:44Challenge Player
Subscriber David Greenwood131044282477178616530 Mar '17 21:43Challenge Player
Standard member pete7215403912431262230 Mar '17 21:39Challenge Player
Subscriber Red House180948702480210128930 Mar '17 21:34Challenge Player
Subscriber Craig stone17408435532533730 Mar '17 21:33Challenge Player

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