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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member dickkyboyonline119712466285932529 May '17 05:59Challenge Player
Standard member daddykool28online10617983334481729 May '17 05:59Challenge Player
Standard member Lordlingonline1597261183661229 May '17 05:58Challenge Player
Standard member JohngMilleronline13933271491631529 May '17 05:58Challenge Player
Standard member bear2online11363911652151129 May '17 05:58Challenge Player
Standard member megaphyllaonline13601646498229 May '17 05:57Challenge Player
Standard member Picaroononline16983101461323229 May '17 05:57Challenge Player
Standard member spelonline12471818391729 May '17 05:55Challenge Player
Standard member Maustrauseronline12412294108711188929 May '17 05:55Challenge Player
Standard member atlas1online1503149275363010929 May '17 05:55Challenge Player
Standard member aussiebattleronline10827904033672029 May '17 05:53Challenge Player
Standard member Dunky1337288150130829 May '17 05:49Challenge Player
Subscriber il league al15356924042642429 May '17 05:48Challenge Player
Standard member Dubiville173994343437713229 May '17 05:45Challenge Player
Subscriber patisfat108315545039965529 May '17 05:45Challenge Player
Standard member silverash1281693333329 May '17 05:44Challenge Player
Standard member Stayupright130518338349267329 May '17 05:44Challenge Player
Subscriber The Pup122910883926702629 May '17 05:44Challenge Player
Standard member Sir P139513217695282429 May '17 05:44Challenge Player
Standard member Louis the XV15279493995044629 May '17 05:42Challenge Player
Standard member smacknz8015706023172463929 May '17 05:42Challenge Player
Standard member Kingy12113619083105229 May '17 05:36Challenge Player
Standard member Lodewyk132810425984341029 May '17 05:35Challenge Player
Subscriber Bellarwi Boy10834323158226994229 May '17 05:34Challenge Player
Standard member ellsa135910254655273329 May '17 05:31Challenge Player
Standard member zyadk1614237170551229 May '17 05:31Challenge Player
Subscriber kingbaz2122643581982225112529 May '17 05:30Challenge Player
Subscriber boydie13488783794643529 May '17 05:24Challenge Player
Subscriber Peter Kingsley1641224413788016529 May '17 05:23Challenge Player
Subscriber David Greenwood124945092521182016829 May '17 05:22Challenge Player

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