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Chess Player Directory for England

Chess Player Directory for England

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member steved157715618246914629 May '17 20:59Challenge Player
Subscriber cookri114715246238237829 May '17 20:58Challenge Player
Standard member dustylinesonline87722515229 May '17 20:58Challenge Player
Subscriber Pianoman1online154745522266207820829 May '17 20:58Challenge Player
Standard member TJSteelonline1236714228129 May '17 20:58Challenge Player
Standard member PawnKingonline124140721937193520029 May '17 20:58Challenge Player
Standard member Excalibur79online10701515197329 May '17 20:58Challenge Player
Standard member VillaFanonline128718868599943329 May '17 20:57Challenge Player
Standard member untergangonline16753381791283129 May '17 20:57Challenge Player
Standard member milesyonline13015202132644329 May '17 20:56Challenge Player
Standard member ROTSonline1139398149243629 May '17 20:55Challenge Player
Standard member Westy1975online891340100234629 May '17 20:54Challenge Player
Standard member Eddie Muelleronline895648262378829 May '17 20:54Challenge Player
Standard member WOLFHEADonline108213535218092329 May '17 20:54Challenge Player
Subscriber pbatesonline183599250532416329 May '17 20:53Challenge Player
Standard member SculptorBlokeonline13781045545429 May '17 20:52Challenge Player
Standard member Psela1025223110112129 May '17 20:52Challenge Player
Standard member Gripperonline14341198426929 May '17 20:52Challenge Player
Subscriber Huntingdononline169748572771139469229 May '17 20:50Challenge Player
Standard member Grant TheKingonline110518061112729 May '17 20:50Challenge Player
Standard member Dannyfonkonline150724631229104918529 May '17 20:50Challenge Player
Standard member Marcusr14976043112623129 May '17 20:50Challenge Player
Standard member chessmateukonline9056723383102429 May '17 20:50Challenge Player
Standard member Galabadonline13686694002462329 May '17 20:50Challenge Player
Subscriber Gremlingsonline16692074120961525029 May '17 20:50Challenge Player
Standard member phillt78online111721470138629 May '17 20:50Challenge Player
Standard member The Dark Destroyeronline175715212523429 May '17 20:49Challenge Player
Subscriber Markchess1234online193072539220412929 May '17 20:49Challenge Player
Subscriber peewackman1525205610569336729 May '17 20:47Challenge Player
Standard member The Dels14819305493344729 May '17 20:46Challenge Player

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