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Chess Player Directory for England

Chess Player Directory for England

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member SlimDeeonline1277974743726 Jul '17 02:38Challenge Player
Subscriber cheeky130032421598152611826 Jul '17 02:33Challenge Player
Standard member GSR76115922641361181026 Jul '17 02:15Challenge Player
Subscriber Indonesia Phil165171630426814426 Jul '17 02:13Challenge Player
Subscriber rtmiller On Vacation21472662143898124326 Jul '17 01:46Challenge Player
Standard member Mark Charles Stevens1244129063855010226 Jul '17 01:43Challenge Player
Standard member Da Awesomefoursome13231188232426 Jul '17 01:38Challenge Player
Standard member icthusmars132910376872995126 Jul '17 01:33Challenge Player
Standard member king charles11337232764222526 Jul '17 01:32Challenge Player
Standard member elvisramone12559214494086426 Jul '17 01:29Challenge Player
Standard member tonynuge125115538576039326 Jul '17 01:29Challenge Player
Subscriber SteveWil21881572105431020826 Jul '17 01:16Challenge Player
Subscriber Larkie144117877919108626 Jul '17 01:12Challenge Player
Standard member The White Rider124212304187892326 Jul '17 01:11Challenge Player
Standard member megahead124017066100426 Jul '17 01:02Challenge Player
Subscriber The Postman12693370166016159526 Jul '17 00:54Challenge Player
Subscriber UNCLEBRO143836351843159519726 Jul '17 00:51Challenge Player
Standard member plopzilla176658822925610326 Jul '17 00:39Challenge Player
Subscriber Sevensquare13959394154596526 Jul '17 00:37Challenge Player
Standard member PawnCurry129630531462147311826 Jul '17 00:36Challenge Player
Standard member IceKnight159841101952183132726 Jul '17 00:32Challenge Player
Subscriber Elle O15871994104780514226 Jul '17 00:23Challenge Player
Subscriber BladeMan 6313244342191872826 Jul '17 00:14Challenge Player
Subscriber nuttywalt246237433663225 Jul '17 23:58Challenge Player
Subscriber Steve4516996493652503425 Jul '17 23:51Challenge Player
Subscriber InvaderOfRome18792348174530729625 Jul '17 23:51Challenge Player
Standard member Grant TheKing118028594183825 Jul '17 23:44Challenge Player
Standard member The Dark Destroyer176315512823425 Jul '17 23:43Challenge Player
Subscriber Wycombe Al12131276662484907161125 Jul '17 23:37Challenge Player
Standard member rookyrich2210358260633525 Jul '17 23:36Challenge Player

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