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Chess Player Directory for England

Chess Player Directory for England

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Proper Knob1777164598653112825 Mar '17 07:55Challenge Player
Subscriber Mr Bumponline16202596136692230825 Mar '17 07:55Challenge Player
Standard member Mearl Brineonline986271214125 Mar '17 07:55Challenge Player
Subscriber Tom Comptononline13322231112598811825 Mar '17 07:54Challenge Player
Standard member Graham Honline10896103002931725 Mar '17 07:54Challenge Player
Standard member chris stothertonline15742491161033025 Mar '17 07:53Challenge Player
Subscriber shaptonionline18296674961482325 Mar '17 07:53Challenge Player
Subscriber ColeFordonline171213147025476525 Mar '17 07:52Challenge Player
Standard member The White Rider114512074077782225 Mar '17 07:48Challenge Player
Subscriber Chippy Minton126122391046107611725 Mar '17 07:44Challenge Player
Subscriber Robert1950114615276817905625 Mar '17 07:43Challenge Player
Standard member brang10018652995323425 Mar '17 07:43Challenge Player
Subscriber cheeky135330961523146510825 Mar '17 07:41Challenge Player
Standard member half cut hero1591129668749611325 Mar '17 07:40Challenge Player
Subscriber Herriot138513527345556325 Mar '17 07:40Challenge Player
Subscriber grandmasteryoda2207149896031422425 Mar '17 07:39Challenge Player
Standard member lolly121190796460824211425 Mar '17 07:39Challenge Player
Standard member ipress13038173914081825 Mar '17 07:39Challenge Player
Standard member Bracker19731705281172971225 Mar '17 07:37Challenge Player
Subscriber Mandos111045571873255013425 Mar '17 07:36Challenge Player
Subscriber The Postman13943216158415429025 Mar '17 07:36Challenge Player
Subscriber brit commando16413244158515699025 Mar '17 07:35Challenge Player
Standard member bestey97310503586682425 Mar '17 07:34Challenge Player
Standard member John Broad13012541081361025 Mar '17 07:32Challenge Player
Standard member VillaFan136818578479773325 Mar '17 07:32Challenge Player
Subscriber wavingnotdrowning136012826785594525 Mar '17 07:31Challenge Player
Standard member tonynuge130315028305819125 Mar '17 07:29Challenge Player
Standard member wesson1658378280831525 Mar '17 07:27Challenge Player
Standard member Carpet Harry14985102802151525 Mar '17 07:26Challenge Player
Subscriber FiddlewoodKid132236951726179617325 Mar '17 07:25Challenge Player

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