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Chess Player Directory for England

Chess Player Directory for England

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Graham Honline11095972942861721 Jan '17 06:14Challenge Player
Standard member May11158813364571221 Jan '17 06:07Challenge Player
Subscriber odoodsdudes142930801453149912821 Jan '17 05:59Challenge Player
Standard member Bluebird128110874345945921 Jan '17 05:45Challenge Player
Subscriber meule15682421126099716421 Jan '17 05:38Challenge Player
Subscriber InvaderOfRome20222242167528328421 Jan '17 05:36Challenge Player
Standard member The Dels13788925223244621 Jan '17 05:32Challenge Player
Standard member Disco Biscuit14451278933521 Jan '17 05:25Challenge Player
Standard member JOHQ122910595055223221 Jan '17 05:17Challenge Player
Subscriber SirLurch On Vacation166683953805375383721 Jan '17 05:17Challenge Player
Subscriber Tenandra915892068121 Jan '17 05:13Challenge Player
Subscriber woody651445102714390526361821 Jan '17 05:06Challenge Player
Subscriber JONTillman15014882482261421 Jan '17 04:42Challenge Player
Donation AJAXO161127331238137911621 Jan '17 04:41Challenge Player
Standard member icthusmars11819035682855021 Jan '17 04:24Challenge Player
Standard member Rajpandianp 142018106221 Jan '17 04:08Challenge Player
Subscriber deriver69143133911500170119021 Jan '17 03:57Challenge Player
Standard member isayoldchap17354483011024521 Jan '17 03:49Challenge Player
Standard member Beatleboy14741753611103910321 Jan '17 03:43Challenge Player
Subscriber The Postman13373117152715009021 Jan '17 03:33Challenge Player
Subscriber Steve4516686263552413021 Jan '17 02:55Challenge Player
Standard member John Broad1279247105135721 Jan '17 02:25Challenge Player
Standard member IceKnight151540561911182232321 Jan '17 02:05Challenge Player
Subscriber robinrunaway16817294532373921 Jan '17 01:54Challenge Player
Standard member half cut hero1585127567549110921 Jan '17 01:54Challenge Player
Subscriber Elle O1529186898375413121 Jan '17 01:52Challenge Player
Subscriber SteveWil22041506100829320521 Jan '17 01:48Challenge Player
Standard member jim913928585652751821 Jan '17 01:47Challenge Player
Standard member Wizard of Fire13765382312931421 Jan '17 01:24Challenge Player
Standard member brillianterpianist12638854653813921 Jan '17 01:22Challenge Player

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