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Chess Player Directory for England

Chess Player Directory for England

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Gremlingsonline16552031118560224425 Feb '17 06:50Challenge Player
Subscriber The Postmanonline13403169155415259025 Feb '17 06:48Challenge Player
Subscriber mickessonline10683989187920416925 Feb '17 06:46Challenge Player
Standard member Buzz Lightbeeronline1483170106541025 Feb '17 06:46Challenge Player
Standard member The Dark Destroyeronline172714712023425 Feb '17 06:46Challenge Player
Standard member megaheadonline12351425683325 Feb '17 06:43Challenge Player
Standard member MisterTee150620813071725 Feb '17 06:36Challenge Player
Subscriber cookies112943622275187820925 Feb '17 06:35Challenge Player
Standard member scorpion1015034482211893825 Feb '17 06:35Challenge Player
Subscriber GAPAC127273953377370531325 Feb '17 06:34Challenge Player
Subscriber felldancer1684890441113503129025 Feb '17 06:29Challenge Player
Standard member colinhawkes1377502622225 Feb '17 06:28Challenge Player
Subscriber beechform106516357208872825 Feb '17 06:26Challenge Player
Standard member Heathcliffe15797065521282625 Feb '17 06:25Challenge Player
Standard member steved146015368086834525 Feb '17 06:22Challenge Player
Subscriber meule158324271263100016425 Feb '17 06:15Challenge Player
Standard member b0bbyl0ve119117860113525 Feb '17 06:03Challenge Player
Standard member isayoldchap17494493021024525 Feb '17 06:01Challenge Player
Subscriber sperzman163875513935285176525 Feb '17 05:59Challenge Player
Standard member Numpty von Idiot103622616025 Feb '17 05:53Challenge Player
Subscriber mrpoobah154313617575317325 Feb '17 05:49Challenge Player
Subscriber woody651313103294411529762125 Feb '17 05:48Challenge Player
Standard member kilomedic13558734483705525 Feb '17 05:11Challenge Player
Standard member JOHQ125210625075233225 Feb '17 04:56Challenge Player
Subscriber BladeMan 6312334242121842825 Feb '17 04:52Challenge Player
Subscriber montagueX14184137174123207625 Feb '17 04:49Challenge Player
Subscriber Elle O16501896100276313125 Feb '17 04:40Challenge Player
Subscriber nuttywalt23331951890625 Feb '17 04:02Challenge Player
Standard member Brandubh10491464498425 Feb '17 03:42Challenge Player
Standard member half cut hero1590128668149311225 Feb '17 02:58Challenge Player

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