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Chess Player Directory for England

Chess Player Directory for England

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber colin powellonline132711955686012623 Apr '17 05:23Challenge Player
Subscriber yakobby114612535826551623 Apr '17 05:21Challenge Player
Subscriber mickess10594069191220877023 Apr '17 05:15Challenge Player
Standard member Heathcliffe16507295751282623 Apr '17 05:15Challenge Player
Subscriber nuttywalt242327726021523 Apr '17 05:14Challenge Player
Subscriber Mr Bump16222612137392831123 Apr '17 05:13Challenge Player
Standard member scorpion1014814762312063923 Apr '17 05:12Challenge Player
Subscriber lord kev15719105133554223 Apr '17 05:10Challenge Player
Standard member MisterTee157026316690723 Apr '17 05:06Challenge Player
Standard member VillaFan133518688529833323 Apr '17 05:04Challenge Player
Standard member chris stothert15442551181073023 Apr '17 04:38Challenge Player
Subscriber montagueX On Vacation12514176175423447823 Apr '17 04:37Challenge Player
Standard member The Dark Destroyer174315012323423 Apr '17 04:36Challenge Player
Subscriber Mister Biggins122218778689397023 Apr '17 04:32Challenge Player
Subscriber flatcap On Vacation129347712575207212423 Apr '17 04:19Challenge Player
Standard member mrobi12803749165720415123 Apr '17 04:16Challenge Player
Subscriber Grimbald2051256184403223 Apr '17 04:02Challenge Player
Subscriber Indonesia Phil166369929726014223 Apr '17 04:02Challenge Player
Standard member 115 squadron11264742512061723 Apr '17 04:00Challenge Player
Standard member isayoldchap17734513041024523 Apr '17 03:21Challenge Player
Standard member John6016173331711342823 Apr '17 03:20Challenge Player
Subscriber Elle O15261925101177913523 Apr '17 02:46Challenge Player
Subscriber The Postman13243253160215599223 Apr '17 02:42Challenge Player
Standard member king charles11816942654042523 Apr '17 02:08Challenge Player
Standard member StephenJHiggins12734751962433623 Apr '17 01:39Challenge Player
Standard member PawnCurry130330091442145111623 Apr '17 01:36Challenge Player
Subscriber SteveWil21931539103429920623 Apr '17 01:26Challenge Player
Standard member chumpp1385156963078815123 Apr '17 01:07Challenge Player
Standard member icthusmars14059806412895023 Apr '17 00:42Challenge Player
Standard member ashtonkroz14895982473054623 Apr '17 00:37Challenge Player

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