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Chess Player Directory for Canada

Chess Player Directory for Canada

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Donation Robert Mathesononline14982317113798319720 Feb '17 17:50Challenge Player
Standard member elliott burnellonline11916172912972920 Feb '17 17:50Challenge Player
Subscriber mischasonline168640171864193222120 Feb '17 17:49Challenge Player
Standard member Petrosonline1465435191235920 Feb '17 17:49Challenge Player
Standard member Jakalonline16778233983596620 Feb '17 17:49Challenge Player
Standard member ambassodoronline167410670211520 Feb '17 17:49Challenge Player
Standard member captainkonline1235186970711164620 Feb '17 17:48Challenge Player
Standard member DanyDuckonline12254532761591820 Feb '17 17:48Challenge Player
Standard member krugerandonline14512712171088911320 Feb '17 17:48Challenge Player
Standard member CaperKINGonline15437443353862320 Feb '17 17:47Challenge Player
Standard member ScottWeiseronline13624922712101120 Feb '17 17:44Challenge Player
Standard member nathan nantaisonline13022641381121420 Feb '17 17:44Challenge Player
Subscriber Very Rusty1516102295644377980620 Feb '17 17:43Challenge Player
Subscriber achile444online7747371156041820 Feb '17 17:41Challenge Player
Standard member Osbert of Ardenonline1371122153253315620 Feb '17 17:40Challenge Player
Subscriber Bill Huot10535652443101120 Feb '17 17:39Challenge Player
Standard member amit sud1693509377943820 Feb '17 17:39Challenge Player
Subscriber johnny50142257692645267045420 Feb '17 17:37Challenge Player
Subscriber Great Big Stees809222871314447120 Feb '17 17:36Challenge Player
Standard member palmer45121510984845773720 Feb '17 17:35Challenge Player
Standard member DeltaSquare14604661832117220 Feb '17 17:35Challenge Player
Standard member fatherdeath12426653742702120 Feb '17 17:34Challenge Player
Subscriber AttilaTheHorn1695115398123273468220 Feb '17 17:34Challenge Player
Standard member Mfchesssss14612651411111320 Feb '17 17:33Challenge Player
Standard member Lukavich139431271060188618120 Feb '17 17:32Challenge Player
Subscriber ninjaboot2313097743504042020 Feb '17 17:32Challenge Player
Standard member Stenbein1465557323226820 Feb '17 17:28Challenge Player
Standard member Ryan Wiens1228812952020 Feb '17 17:28Challenge Player
Standard member maxibetap 1200412120 Feb '17 17:28Challenge Player
Standard member symbolic139610235084843120 Feb '17 17:28Challenge Player

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