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Chess Player Directory for Canada

Chess Player Directory for Canada

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member fatherdeathonline12216343592542122 Jan '17 16:11Challenge Player
Standard member ScottWeiseronline13824752602041122 Jan '17 16:10Challenge Player
Standard member mirror warrioronline11994432092062822 Jan '17 16:10Challenge Player
Standard member agent33online12778353144536822 Jan '17 16:09Challenge Player
Standard member Pickerelonline102714437276882822 Jan '17 16:08Challenge Player
Standard member jpark55online14312226134975712022 Jan '17 16:07Challenge Player
Subscriber happyrockonline15778445242813922 Jan '17 16:07Challenge Player
Standard member t25online17862165126250639722 Jan '17 16:07Challenge Player
Subscriber pa6375online1603415297932522 Jan '17 16:05Challenge Player
Standard member PawnWoodonline13123901991761522 Jan '17 16:05Challenge Player
Standard member stinonlinep 1200110022 Jan '17 16:05Challenge Player
Standard member kmccafferyonline14822471201002722 Jan '17 16:05Challenge Player
Subscriber larry the lick9959423206121022 Jan '17 16:04Challenge Player
Standard member Maruttionline13683041281651122 Jan '17 16:04Challenge Player
Standard member Trigger12online99812832709872622 Jan '17 16:04Challenge Player
Standard member Flammononline142011705205985222 Jan '17 16:03Challenge Player
Standard member Wesakachakonline11263521621801022 Jan '17 16:02Challenge Player
Standard member wjin12276902843753122 Jan '17 15:59Challenge Player
Standard member BlakeRL13052391201071222 Jan '17 15:58Challenge Player
Subscriber Very Rusty1497102065632377080422 Jan '17 15:57Challenge Player
Standard member Bernard Tremblayp 142217116022 Jan '17 15:57Challenge Player
Standard member richardcjennings1336274320026677422 Jan '17 15:52Challenge Player
Standard member Stenbein1511552322222822 Jan '17 15:51Challenge Player
Subscriber dinc1681371132124380841042222 Jan '17 15:50Challenge Player
Subscriber RMG10110684348211121538422 Jan '17 15:50Challenge Player
Standard member nulook12458013833734522 Jan '17 15:47Challenge Player
Subscriber mischas169639971857191922122 Jan '17 15:46Challenge Player
Subscriber widget105867873127352713322 Jan '17 15:45Challenge Player
Standard member Tomdk1286713832122 Jan '17 15:43Challenge Player
Subscriber historybites129384623284487530322 Jan '17 15:41Challenge Player

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