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Jonathan Schmidt

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About Jonathan Schmidt

I have 11 year old and newborn sons, and 10, 6, 4 & 2 year old daughters! Being a parent is hard work, but I enjoy relaxing with the help of my love of chess. Given my young family, I rarely play games with less than 3 days of moves AND time banks. I often move more than once on weekdays, but less so on the weekend.

...and did i mention that i claim skulls? I'm happy to play things out, but the time controls (time/move and time bank) are a contract. If a game's time controls are too short for you, delete it before making 2 moves. If you time out, don't complain when people claim your skull.

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1113 games

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522 games

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591 games

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All Games Played1126
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All Moves40132
Moves This Month315
Tournament Entry Rating1668

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1113 games


729 games


298 games


86 games

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105 games


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Highest Rating168116811756
Average Rating162516221639
Lowest Rating157515701477
Opponent Average Rating149815291465
Games Rated2784595
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