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Joined 28 Oct '05
Last Moved 25 Oct '14
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About ZorroTheFox

On September 23, 2014, I made the millionth move. See: Game 10656124 I, as White, made the 38th move (38. Qd2xe2). My opponent (see below) was Aspasia. Thank you RHP players for your numerous complimentary comments in reaching this goal!

Marko Krale iand I have been battling each other for some time. If you see the number of moves we made, we made many per day or month! I had mentioned to my wife about Marko Krale. She said to tell him to get a life! His reply was a long Ouch! Thank you RedHotPawn chess players around the world in making it possible for me to earn this millionth move.

See: and

A male chess player with a steady job of 40 hours per week!

If you are looking for a clan Join B.V.C.C.-Clan 44

J "Dr. Brain"introduced me to a song: "What Does The Fox Say?"


KNOW THE RULES. "The skull will be taken." No whining allowed!

1,000,00th 09-23-14 against my RHP Chess Playing Friend Aspasia!
900,000TH 04-01-14!
800,000TH 09-14-13!
700,000TH 02-10-13!
600,000TH 04-17-12!
500,000TH 07-29-11!

You know when you have been playing on this site for some time when you begin to recognize their names and their country flags!

Native Texan from Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area living in Washington, DC (District). Born in 1947.

Why ZorroTheFox? I like the way Guy Williams and Antonio Banderas ride the horse and use the whip & sword! See:

“Like the pawn move forward, not backwards!”

Chess like love, like music has the power to make men happy-Dr S Tarrasch

FIDE Motto-Gens Una Sumus-We are one people

Life Member of the Texas Chess Association & United States Chess Federation

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Games Played 27154
Rated 26510
Won 13933
Lost 11091
Drawn 2130
In Progress 1010
Moves 1014302
Moves This Month 11068
Rating 1506
Highest Rating (Last 365 Days) 1718
Tournament Entry Rating 1618
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Highest Rating excludes provisional (first 20) games.
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Rated Games
13306 (50%)11073 (42%)
W/D/L As White13209
6734 (51%)5334 (40%)
W/D/L As Black13298
6572 (50%)5739 (43%)
Played By Color26507
13209 (50%)13298 (50%)
Won By Color13306
6734 (51%)6572 (49%)
Lost By Color11073
5334 (48%)5739 (52%)
Drawn By Color2128
1141 (54%)987 (46%)
Wins by timeout 2966 (22.29%)
Losses by timeout 223 (2.01%)
Historical90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating171717181812
Average Rating153015261536
Lowest Rating131313131071
Opponent Avg. Rating153615021494
Games Rated1329518619161
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