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Palin wants to be President in 2016925 Jan '15 03:16blunderdogvivify
Say something good about Christians7225 Jan '15 02:00wolfgang59no1marauder
SCOTUS to take up same-sex marriage issue4925 Jan '15 01:05no1marauderno1marauder
Mayor of Minneapolis takes picture with thug1525 Jan '15 01:00ZahlanziDeepThought
What Eladar does in his spare time.....6924 Jan '15 22:41Rank outsiderDeepThought
David Gregory and guns224 Jan '15 19:31Metal Brainnormbenign
The Middle Class4124 Jan '15 19:27JS357normbenign
British scroungers in EU???2824 Jan '15 11:38finneganShallow Blue
Congress giving Power to the President824 Jan '15 05:30Eladararhamaryan
Has America Gone Crazy? - Salon Article6924 Jan '15 01:41JS357normbenign
Free speech in France?6924 Jan '15 00:21sh76finnegan
Saudi King dead823 Jan '15 19:07AThousandYoungDuchess64
Say something good about Muslims6622 Jan '15 17:47whodeyfinnegan
SOTU - very solid effort1522 Jan '15 00:46sh76Eladar
Is the ACLU good for America421 Jan '15 14:12JS357sh76
How much debt is too much debt?4521 Jan '15 09:28whodeykmax87
Distribution of wealth2921 Jan '15 00:12wolfgang59Zahlanzi
State of the Union520 Jan '15 16:04whodeywhodey
Right/Left Representation on Political Forums420 Jan '15 13:41JS357no1marauder
State and Local Taxes Regressive820 Jan '15 12:14no1marauderfinnegan
American Anthropological Theory1219 Jan '15 03:30Quarlwhodey
Who gets to Decide Religion?3518 Jan '15 22:59EladarDuchess64
Fall in oil6118 Jan '15 19:19robbie carrobieAThousandYoung
When is it okay to hit a woman?3918 Jan '15 16:37vivifyredbadger
Less medical bill woes due to Obamacare118 Jan '15 02:55vivifyvivify
Vaccinate your children118 Jan '15 00:30ZahlanziZahlanzi
Adopting Troubled Children2517 Jan '15 09:01EladarC Hess
emergency meeting116 Jan '15 21:33RBHILLRBHILL
Cop Who Killed 95-Year-Old World War II Vet wit...116 Jan '15 21:32RBHILLRBHILL
Islamic Terrorism in France11816 Jan '15 00:07Eladarfinnegan