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Best chess book for intermediate player

Original post by Subscriber ldwt, 27 Jul '05 16:38
  1. Joined : 18 Apr '05
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    Does anyone have a suggestion for the best book for a low end intermediate player to improve their game?

    Rgds, ldwt
  2. Joined : 19 Nov '04
    Moves : 129
    Teach Yourself Better Chess by Bill Hartston
    101 Tips To Improve Your Chess by Tony Kosten
  3. Joined : 18 Apr '05
    Moves : 22206
    Thanks, ldwt
  4. Joined : 26 Apr '05
    Moves : 1462
    The first book I ever read was "How to Reasses Your Chess" by Jeremy Silman. It helped me tremendously. However, it's not always a good first book for everybody. Some stuff may be beyond the average beginner for awhile. I would however, recommend the whole Yasser Seirawan series. (Especially tactics).
  5. Joined : 26 Apr '05
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    Originally posted by MikeXx2020

    I am reading" Play Winning Chess" just now (like i have it in my hand as i type...) and its just about how to move peices doesnt do much for me [/b]
    It gets more in-depth later on in the book. It tries to teach the basic fundamentals of the game.
  6. The sky
    Joined : 05 Apr '05
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    Originally posted by MikeXx2020
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  7. Joined : 25 Aug '04
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    How Good is Your Chess? by Daniel King.

    Not a long book but encourages you to think.
  8. NONE
    Joined : 07 Jan '05
    Moves : 38272
    I looked at some of your chess...
    I would go for "Logical Chess Move By Move" Irving Chernev.
    33 games with every single move explained in depth in regular laymans terms. This will help tremendously!
  9. Vampyroteuthis
    Joined : 13 Apr '04
    Moves : 82967
    Originally posted by MikeXx2020
    I would however, recommend the --> whole <-- Yasser Seirawan series.

    ----------end of quote------------

    I am reading" Play Winning Chess" just now (like i have it in my hand as i type...) and its just about how to move peices doesnt do much for me
    The "Winning Chess" series is VERY good. The first one is very basic, but I've learned a lot from the others. The one on tactics was the best.
  10. ChessObsessed
    Joined : 07 Mar '05
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    Strategies is the best of the Sierawan series. Silmans " The Amaturs Mind"is a grade down from Reasess, and is easier to understand.
    Simply going over tactic books, like reinfelds 1001 books, and Lou Hays Tactics for Juniors, or even Bruce Albertson and Fred Wilsons tactics books are essential for beginning to intermediate players.
    Tactics are the bread and butter of a full course meal (chess r'epertoire)
  11. A Gladiator For Life
    Where Am I?
    Joined : 09 May '05
    Moves : 464
    There is no "Best Book" but there a few good ones that I have read:

    The Art Of Attack In Chess - Vladimir Vukovic

    Basic Chess Endings - Ruben Fine

    The Very Usual Book About Chess - Yelena Dembo

    All good books.
  12. Edmonton, Alberta
    Joined : 25 Nov '04
    Moves : 2101
    yasser seirwans 6 books, logical chess move by move, basic chess endings by bruce pand. and art of attack which i am just reading. It more for a 1600+ player though.
  13. Talysarn
    Joined : 08 Apr '05
    Moves : 4488
    To add to the above : Irving Chernev's Logical Chess Move by Move' is great as far as it goes but it concentrates on 'classical' principles. Modern chess requires more than this and John Nunn's 'Understanding chess move by move' tries to fill the gap. Both are excellent books.
  14. Joined : 18 Apr '05
    Moves : 22206
    Thanks all - got the Seirawan series. Good stuff.

    Rgds, ldwt
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