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Recent Blog Updates

Recent Blog Updates


Veteran blogger greenpawn34 takes a look at some of the more interesting games played on the site.
Updated 14 Sep '14
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The insider news on RedHotPawn
Updated 14 Jul '10
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Posted 16 Sep '14 17:23 | Total Comments 1
"...pit of misery...." Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 03 Sep '14 14:26 | Total Comments 3
@Sigrun The 2014 edition has been updated to reflect the modern state of affairs. The previous one featured Kramnik as the XI...
Posted 03 Sep '14 12:33 | Total Comments 3
< from Wilhelm Steinitz to Magnus Carlsen> if its an old book, Carlsen can't be in it. :(
Posted 30 Aug '14 02:13 | Total Comments 2
Hi QD. Yup Black resigned. I was 50% wrong. Corrected.
Posted 29 Aug '14 20:36 | Total Comments 2
Excellent blog as always GP - in jockymckilt - mrdougie RHP 2007 I assume it was black who resigned, not white :-)
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The Secret of the Blog + Korchnoi 1965

So how do I go about putting a blog together?

On another site everyone was talking about Fabiano Caruana scoring seven out
of seven in one the strongest chess tournaments ever held, the 2104 Springfield Cup.

The young posters (anyone born after 1972 and all that) were gushing and jumping about
in a state of euphoria not seen since Fischer’s 6-0 match wins over Taimanov and Larsen...

RHP Treasure + No.9

I knew the game existed but I could not get my hands on the score.
I bribed guards, I blackmailed policemen, I greased the palms of politicians.
I frightened nurses and even threatened school children with a Chinese burn.

But none would talk. No one would reveal the secret whereabouts of the game.

Then one day a sad dwarf with a wooden leg and red cotton hat came up...
no title

By WGM Natalia Pogonina
Best FIDE rating: 2508

no title ...

A Blog To See Before You Die

These things are everywhere.
100 Books
Surely it cannot be long till some bunch of Herberts bring out:

The Evans Gambit and......a Smurf

Been on holiday, nowhere exotic. Up north in Scotland. I never go abroad.
Abroad is not Scotland. Nowhere is like Scotland and anyway I was forced to
my surrender my passport a few years ago. (that’s another story for another blog).

I went on a boat and saw dolphins and minky whales. These dolphins don’t
half jumped some height in the air when you throw fireworks into the water.

Picked up one of these in a 2nd hand shop by Loch Ness for £1.50....

Ideas Behind the Openings (The RHP Way)


I thought I’d start off by showing you one of Carlsen’s games.

Then I thought, “Why should I, he never shows any of mine.”

So here is this: ...

The Brilliancy Prize

George Hatfield Dingley Gossip (1841 - 1907)

What jury in the free world would not be impressed by such a magnificent name.
When the prosecution call their next witness giving that name in full then you are doomed.

In the 5th round of the 6th USA Chess Congress held in New York in 1889...

A Little Bit of Fischer

A game with Damiano’s Defence appeared in the Chess Forum
and this brought up a question and an interesting moment.

rnbqkbnr/pppp2pp/5p2/4p3/4P3/5N2/PPPP1PPP/RNBQKB1R w KQkq - 0 3
Some opening books claim that 3.Nxe5 is the best move here but if
Black knows what he is doing then White may play himself into trouble...

The Once in a Lifetime Move + Martians!

Book Review No.4

Rare chess books are a speciality of mine. I don’t have any.
However I bet only a few of you have this classic from 1957
written by none other than Richard Ellington (Duke’s elder brother.)

As you can guess from the cover it all about the dangers of leavin...

World Cup RHP Championship + The Maradona Mate

The 2014 World Cup is upon us so why not do a World Cup RHP Championship report?

World Cup 1
The World Cup started off with an own goal so I will kick off with an own goal.

Thaba - ParShooter RHP Ch. 2014 (White to play) ...

RHP Championship - Stats Drastic + The Duffers Attack

RHP Banner

Glad you dropped by. I know most of you dread coming
here to see your lemons exposed to the world but….

(Better re-phrase that bit greenpawn…’exposed lemons’…Russ...

Stats, Blunders and Traps.

RHP Ch 2014

Hi guys. The Red Hot Pawn Championship is in full swing and so are the blunders.

The stats so far: Total games: 5,444,. Games finished. 619. White wins: 329, Black wins, 283 Draws 7. ...

My Move - You Die!

I picked up this for 20p. in a junk shop.

The Eagle
The Eagle comic from October 1982.

Inside is a chess story portrayed using pictures and voice bubbles.

Here it is….(I've left out a dozen pictures but you will get the drift of it....

In Celebration of Giuoco Alfonso Piano

This is him

Man with dog
Giuoco Alfonso Piano, the man who invented the opening we know as the Giuoco Piano.

He was born in the small town of Corroma in Italy and played chess daily with
his friend Bernardo Da Vinci, the brother of Leonardo who dabbled in painting. ...

Red Hot Ants

This is the Big Blue or Common Blue butterfly.


It is now extinct because it laid it’s single egg next to a red ants nest.

Red Ant
A scent from the egg fooled the red ants into thinking this was one of it’s own eggs...

Chess Quiz + 1001 Combinations

So I am ploughing my way through this (again)

A Chess Book

When I hit this page.

A page from a chess book ...

One Million Moves on RHP

“We knocked the bugger off!”

Those were the words of Edmund Hillary after he conquered Mount Everest in 1953.
He got a Knighted and his mate Tenzin Norgay got not Knighted.
(Awful grammar I know but it's done on purpose to show the unfairness of it.)

Why did they do it? ‘Because it (the bugger) was there’. is the common reply. ...

The Year Was 1956 + Rooks in Jail.

Hi - who is this appearing on the cover of the January 1957 Chess Review?

(Wait….This piece is called 1956 not 1957 …..Russ)

In Dec 1956 Bobby Fischer appeared on the cover of Chess Review.

Chess Review Dec 195...

The Scotch Four Knights (The Duck's Back)

And here are the Four Scotch Knight.

Title here

Sir Development
Sir Get Castled.
Sir Check all Checks...

The Game That WIll Shut Down RHP.


Before we get to the main event I have to reveal some jiggery-pokery
and slip-slop-dash that a few lads from have put me on to.

When a I was covering Mating Patterns one of the best
received blogs was the one showing the Pillsbury Mate. ...

Reti and Red Hot Pawn + Moonraker

Me and Tobbi McGuffin

That is me playing Tobbi McGuffin at a recent Fancy Dress Chess Tournament held in Edinburgh.

What did I go as?
I went as a good chess player but they soon saw through that disguise.

green ba...

The Cursed Chess Set

Another Book Review.

One of the English Chess Forum some lads was saying he had read a book about a cursed chess set.

After a few days he recalled it was this one: ...

En Passant Checkmate + The Chessboard Queen

Been ages since I did a book review.

First of all I need a chess book to review.
My local 2nd hand shops have chess books that I already have so I branched out
and went to non-local 2nd hand shops….again nothing I don’t already have.

I was going to end this book review section with no book to review when I suddenly saw
a book I do not have in the 25p basket....

Chess History Lesson No.452. + Nodding


Chess History Lesson No.452.

Chess owes a great debt to the Muslim lads for it was them that brought Chess to Europe.
It came all the way across Africa and up into the Spain (the red line).

The Eart...

Marcel Duchamp and Spiderman

Hi Happy New Year. I’ve got the first issue of this.

The Cover

A wave of chess nerd envy is sweeping across the planet and it’s all aimed at me. With it came this.

Spiderman ...

A Christmas Detective Story


So for your Christmas treat I have some more.

Rook Endings

(aw greenpawn give us a break. That will be three weeks on the trot………Russ) ...

More Rook Endings the RHP way + The Simpsons

Picked up one of these for £2.00 at a Charity Shop.

Simpson Set
A Simpson Chess Set, it’s hideous, I hate novelty chess sets.
I’ll wrap it up and give it to my son-in-law for Christmas.
He hates Chess and he hates the Simpsons.
(he hates the Simpson’s because he looks like and gets called Ned Flanders.)
green ba...

Rook Endings

I’m still reading this.

A Book

So this week’s Blog is…

Rooks in Brick ...

The Book That Came Out 40 Years Too Late.

I’ve got this.

The Endgame Book

And it’s good.
It came out 40 years too late to do me any real good but as a
chess book it crosses all the t’s and dots all the i’s.
Instructive with some well chosen examples and humorous...

Plachutta Power!

Plachutta Power!

An Interference Theme
Interference is a popular motif in chess composition; it's popular enough that we have named several different forms of it. Here's how this one works.

Say you have two pieces guarding two key squares...